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Since we first put the drivetrain in, the transfer case hanging below the bottom of the frame has worried me. With this on my mind, the uncut body didnít last very long...

Another thing that has been on my mind is how we were going to make the trackbar work. Anything near full bump, the trackbar was making contact with the diff and the frame. So we fixed it.

Itís not straight, but itís square with the body and the rest of the frame so itíll work. With this new front section, I should get 6 up and 8 down which isnít bad. Of course nothing can go perfect, so we ran into a few problems. With the frame higher, Iím wondering about the motor mount. The pass side is 2į above the top of the frame and the driver side is 2į below the top of the frame (basically even with the frame). Does the motor mount need to be higher?

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