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Old January 11th, 2008, 02:36 PM   #1
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Default Ltr from Ron Paul

January 10, 2008

Did you see that funny YouTube where Mike Huckabee's young Iowa
spokesman endorsed me, "by mistake"? We know what was in his mind! Indeed, I
am amazed at the friendliness of the supporters of other candidates.
Obama voters, for example, in Iowa and New Hampshire are reading our
literature, and studying our ideas. It's just one of the reasons I am so
optimistic about what we are doing, and where we are heading. And so
were the
500 or 600 people at our New Hampshire rally after the primary. I
talked to everyone there, and they are rightly enthusiastic about our

This does not mean we will have an easy time of it -- just the
opposite, of course. After all, we are seeking to reverse more than a century
of big government, of the warfare-welfare state, of Federal Reserve's
manipulation, of a fat and happy military-industrial complex, of the
subversion of our Constitution. So all the media and other "second-hand
dealers in ideas," as F.A. Hayek called them, who have a vested interest
in the current order, will do everything possible to smear me. They
will do and say anything to try to block our movement. Even vote fraud
is not beyond these people.

And we have been successful. This movement has always operated on two
tracks -- intellectual and political, and must. The first and most
important is the intellectual. Such heroes of freedom as Ludwig von Mises,
Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard, and so many others like Rose
Wilder Lane, John T. Flynn, Isabel Patterson, and Garret Garrett, have
helped build the foundations of freedom, prosperity, and peace. We carry on
their work, to change hearts and minds.

The other track is political. Here too, we have touched millions with
our ideas, and recruited many, many thousands -- not only in Meetup
Groups and as voters, but as sympathizers and future voters too. Walter
was kind enough to call this effort the most important in the long
history of libertarianism. I don't know about that, but I do know that even
if we place a solid fourth, rather than the higher place we all want
and are working so hard
for, that is huge progress.

But we can never forget that this is a long struggle. Many great men
and women have lived and died in this cause. I have been deeply involved
in it all my life. It is a matter of educational work, and elections.
We may not accomplish all we want, in one or even two elections. But we
will accomplish it. Young people now living will see the free society
that you and I dream of, as their everyday reality, an America at peace,
prosperous and free, with the federal government chained down y the
Constitution, as Jefferson said.

Does this mean our campaign has done everything right? No! We have made
mistakes, and will make them again. Not only because errors are to be
found in any human endeavor, but because an effort like this, to repeal
a hundred years and more of evil, is brand-new on the face of the
earth. But now is the time to stick together like the brothers and sisters
we are, to stand side by side in this fight against the media toadies,
warmongers, and Wall Street rip-off artists who stand against us, and
who always remind me of Tolkein's Orcs.

If you have suggestions for me to do better, I want to hear them. But
beating back the enemy, teaching so many young people and others about
liberty, that is our victory, and it is real and permanent. Won't you
link arms with me? We will have more vote victories too, if we stick
together and do not let the enemy divide us.

As you know, and as our neocon enemies try to cover up, we are in a
financial crisis. It may chug along at this pace, slowly into recession,
or it might drop off a cliff, like the dollar. In that case, we will
have the only coherent solution, and we must get our message out.

All my life, I've been working to make sure that when the Fed had done
its work, and the special interests had looted the system to their
hearts' content, and there was a crisis, I would be in a position to speak
the truth about why, and what to do about it. In this fight, I need
your heart, your mind, your time, and your financial support. I also
need you to become a precinct leader . What a fight we are in.
What stakes there are. Together, we can build a new America faithful to
the values of the framers. Bother the enemy, help the good cause: make
your most generous contribution,
and let's roll up our sleeves and get to work, together.

Sincerely, Ron

(yeah, he & I are on a first name basis)
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Good post. I gotta go watch my name go across his web site. :)
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