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Default 50 ways to better MPG

  1. the more torquey the engine the easier it is for the truck to get up to speed without effort. when the engine doesnt have to work to hard, you win. thats why diesels can get better gas mileage than gas engines--up to %30.
  2. dont increase your speed to get up a grade. you'll get better fuel economy by maintaining the speed. do what it take to climb a hill off road but the thought remais the same.
  3. when the air filter gets dirty, less air is able to flow thrugh it. that affects performance, because when the is more air, less fuel is nedd for the ideal air/fuel ratio. get one that is high flow, washable and reusable. a cleane filter can improve things by %10.
  4. roof racks, bike carriers and other add-ons can cause aerodynamic drag. these can suckup to %50 of engines powr on the highway. dont drive around with that roof mounted spare or bike if you dont need to.
  5. theres no escaping idling in traffic or at a stoplight, but dont do it on the trail or to warm up you truck in the morning. more than %17 of energe is lost in this action. not to mention you are getting 0 MPG.
  6. if you A/C, heat or defrost, set it on low fan speed. if you have rear air and no one is sitting back there then why have it on?
  7. while your at it stop using the seat heater.
  8. accessories suck energy fromthe engine. that means A/c, lights, foglights, window wipers, and even power steering. swap in an high-output alternator or power steering pump and you could see a %1 improvement. dont use the accessories if you dont need them.
  9. replace fuel filter if its getting clogged. less gas will be able to flow to the engine; you'll ride the accelerator more, and believe it or not, it will take the engine more fuel to compensate.
  10. if you drive with your windows down at high speeds, it will increase drag, which decreases fuel economy.
  11. a bad O2 sensor can reduce fuel economy by %40. in fact if the check engine light comes on dont ignore that.
  12. less fuel is nedded to accelerate if you are already moving than if stopped. therefore, theres no rush to getting to that stop light. maybe it will be green by the time you get there.
  13. dont use thicker motor oil than reccomended by manufacture because the engine has to exert more effort. running the proper oil can boost MPG by up to %2.
  14. avoid traffic. unlike a hubrid, stopping and going burns gas.
  15. just because cheap gas makes your wallet happy, it might not make your truck happy. if the truck dorsnt have the right octane and some other big-word ingredients, tontation could result. also, additivesthat prevent the bad deposits might be absent, which could clo the fuel injectors- which herts fuel economy. if you fill up and ypu truck runs crappy dont go there again.
  16. keep up with oil changes, because if your oil get dirty, it gets thicker, and we already convered what happens wih thick oil. and change oil filter to, routine mantenance is importan for MPG.
  17. brake drag can contribute to poor fuel economy. make sure the calipers are retracting all the way and that the drums are correctly adjusted.
  18. carpool or telecommute.
  19. pull off the carb and out in fuel injection. fuel injection is more fule affecient and can get better fuel economy than a carb. the cost of doing this will take forever to make economic sense, so use it as an axcuse to get fuel injection for better wheling experiences.
  20. if the wheels/tires are out of alignment, more drag is created and it will take extra energy to keep the truck going stright down the road. plus, the tires will wear out sooner
  21. is your thermostat functioning like it should? cold engines gulp fuel.
  22. why are you using premium gas? unless you have done significant engine mods, 87 octane is fine.
  23. towing will reduct your mileage numbers. theses more wind resistance, more weight, and more drag.
  24. over- or- under- gearing your truck will make the engine work outside of its peak efficiency range.
  25. ensure the the spark plugs, plug wires, cap, points, and rotor are all clean, not cracked or warn out, and are set correctly. dirty spark plugs can misfire; make sure you clean and gap them right. hows the inition timing?
  26. some people belive if they drive with the tailgate down, they'll get better fuel economy. no sense trying to convinse them otherwise. but found no differance.
  27. swapping out the stock engine- driven fan and shroud for an electric fan is designed to keep the engine cooler as well as get rid of the drag from the stock fan, which in turn can bump up the mileage.
  28. adding overdrive to the transmission will lower the engine rpm to help keep it in peak range. you can get a kit from advanced adapters (www.adavanceadapters.com) such as the Ranger Troque Splitter Two- Speed Over- Drive for the manuel trans, which adds a gear between each gear already in the trans, essentially turning your- speed into an eight- speed. its one of the pricest fuel-economy fixes, but the overdrive kit will also help with towing and offer more gear choices off road. also, higher gears and lower speeds equals an engine turning slower. less gas is need to do than.
  29. think swapping in a bigger engine is counterproductive to gtting better fuel economy? if you've put bigger tires and a ift kit on a rig that has a small engine, it might be workig harder to maintain freeway speeds, but drop in a V-8, and it will probably imrove your mileage because its better matched to how you've outfitted the truck.
  30. have an in- vehicle enterainment system. must be nice to be rich. shut it off when no one is watching. its a drain.
  31. add a preformance (calibration) chip that can reprogram your vehicles computer, adjusting ignition timing and the air/fuel mix for preformance thats suited to your driving style, whether a power programmer or control module. (try www.bdpower.com or www.jetchip.com) there should be an increase in both hp and gas mileage, among other benefits. consider it if you tow.
  32. keep the tires at the recommened air pressure. you can reduce fuel economy by %3.3 if you do.
  33. an exhaust system or headers can improve preformance, because when air runs into resistance, it can build backpressure. you dont necessarily need the biggest tail pipe, though.
  34. big tires equal more rolling resistance. skinny tires create less friction on thepavement. do you need a 44-inch tire on the street? more weight requires more effort to move, and lowers your fuel economy.
  35. make sure yourspeedometer is correctly calibreted, otherwise you have have no idea about your ture fuel economy.
  36. airdams, spoilers and tonneaus provide better airflov, less drag. the smoother the body of the vehicle, the better the mileage.
  37. if your wheeling is seasonal, consider taking off the big rubber for smoething more street friendly until your redy to hit the trail again.
  38. drive someone elses vehicle.
  39. dont accelerate hard or gun it. that wastes fuel.
  40. use cruise controle on most roads. it keeps the mph and internal activity steady.
  41. lighten the load. clear out the bed of spare parts and tools, and clean interior. for every 100lb. you're hauling, thats %1-2 worse gas mileage you're getting.
  42. make sure your camper or bedcap is level with the top of the cab. its aerodynamics again.
  43. burnt fuel leaves behind all sorts of gargabge that can get stuck in the combustion chambers and valves. using an additive can be poured into the tank to help remove carbone and other deposits. to slow the burn rate of combustion, there are also octane boosters.
  44. if you bolted in a larger axel, dont worry about any additional weight from that. think more about the tire size and final gear ratio combo. get technical support about choosing the right gearing if your not sure.
  45. 4wd puts power (work) to all four corners instead of propellig your vehicle with just the rear two wheels. this means more drivetrain turning and therefore more drag on the engine. its not rocket science.
  46. dont speed. every 5 mph over 0 mph can cost up to $0.21 more oer gallon.
  47. aluminum wheels are lighter than steel wheels, and every pound of weight added decreases fuel economy.
  48. bought a new truck or stuffed in a new mill? dont forget that theresa break- in period, so you may not see its top fuel economy until as many as 5,000 miles on a gas- fueled engine, and up to 20,000 miles for a diesel.
  49. automatic versus manual transmission? nowadays, autos are becomig increasingly better than you are shifting at the most opportune moment. in some new cars, the autos are actually getting better mileage thanthe stick version. but manual trannies are still lighter in weight and commonly have more gear choices-- plus rowing your own gears adds to performance satisfaction. for now, manual still has the edge in fuel economy.
  50. a continuously varible transmission doesnt hunt absentmindedly for gears like it sounds. in a way, it has unlimited gears, making it efficient technology, so consider that optionif your new vehicle choice has it.
  51. go ahead, buy that econobox--- wont mock you, actually will. but it might be cost- effective to use that as the daily driver and save your 4x4 for weekend excursions.
  52. dont have guilt about buying a hemi. it now comes with the multi- displacement system (MDS) which shuts off cylinders when the power isn't needed, then behaves like a V-8 when you need the extra get up and go.
  53. go ahead, buy that hybrid. a hybrid gets its ideal fuel economy in stop- and- go traffic, not the highway (because it shuts off the engine off and runs on the battery at a stop). but if your start moding a hybrid with bigger tires and so on to seem less dorky, it stsrts defeating the purpose of buying a hybrid: fuel economy. and it could void the warranty, depending on what you do.
hope i helped
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Originally Posted by JeepGenocide
39. dont accelerate hard or gun it. that wastes fuel.

40. use cruise controle on most roads. it keeps the mph and internal activity steady.

46. dont speed. every 5 mph over 0 mph can cost up to $0.21 more per gallon.

Most important ones in there. I slowed down to 60MPH on the highway for a test of that aerodynamics thing, just to try it out. I pulled 46, almost 47 MILES TO THE GALLON in my 2001 4-door Saturn SL. Manual trans, no A/C, though I did have the radio blastng...
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7. while your at it stop using the seat heater...

no no no engine heat is free and 5 amps pulling from the alt or battery is free

you cant count number 7
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