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Default Forest Mineral & fire managment directory (DNR)

Name-----------Title-------- Phone------ E-mail Location ------Forest, Mineral & Fire Management
Ahnen Rich Ffo Supv 1 906-875-6622ahnenr@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Allen Craig Forester E 231-922-5280 ext 6842allencr@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Allwardt LaurenceFfo Supv 1 989-348-6371 ext 7450allwardl@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Alto KennethFfo Supv 1 517-675-5111altok@michigan.govRose Lake Warehouse And Repair Shop
Andersen Janine Secretary E 517-335-3244andersj@michigan.govLansing Office
Anderson Deb Dept Analyst E 517-373-6324andersod@michigan.govLansing Office
Anderson Steve Nat Res Mgr 2 989-275-4622anderss1@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Angel-Ling JoyceNat Res Mgr 2 989-732-3541 ext 5440angellij@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Asselin Donovan Forester E Lt517-335-2331asselidr@michigan.govLansing Office
Avery Bryce Ffo E 231-745-4651 ext 6951averybr@michigan.govBaldwin Field Office
Azelton Kim Department Analyst E 517-241-5199azeltonk@michigan.govLansing Office
Barber Richard Forester E 989-785-4251 ext 5243barberr@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Barta Ric Ft E 989-732-3541 ext 5444bartar@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Bates Doug Ffo A 989-846-4104batesde@michigan.govStandish Field Office
Bauer Annamarie Landscape Designer A 517-335-5708bauerac@michigan.govLansing Office
Beaudo Dan Ffo E 906-786-2354beaudodc@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Bednarski Charles Ffo E 906-477-6048bednarsc@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Begalle Debbie Nat Res Mgr 3 906-228-6561begalled@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Bielecki James Fma A 989-732-3541 ext 5041bieleckj@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Bolz Jeannie Secretary A 906-249-1497bolzj@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Bonner Tracie Accounting Spec 2 517-241-2744bonnertm@michigan.govLansing Office
Borgondy Courtney Nat Res Mgr 2 989-426-9205 ext 7640borgondc@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Boucher Cara State Administrative Mgr 1 517-335-3354 boucherc@michigan.govLansing Office
Boyd Lynne State Bureau Administrator 18 517-373-1246 boydlm@michigan.govLansing Office
Bradley Kirk Engineer Mgr 3 989-275-5211bradleyk@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Brondyke William Nat Res Mgr 2 906-346-9201 ext 11brondykw@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Burford Brian Ffo E 906-635-5281burfordb@michigan.govSault Ste Marie Management Unit
Burnham Jennifer Forester E 906-452-6227burnhamj@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Burnham Robert Forester E 906-341-8463burnharg@michigan.govWyman Nursery (Forestry)
Burnis Thomas Ft A 906-341-2518burnist@michigan.govWyman Nursery
Cameron Steven Ffo A 231-258-2711camerons@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Campbell Kathleen Resource Analyst E 231-775-9727campbelk@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Carlson Brad Forester E 906-293-5131carlsonb@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Caron Jason Forester E 906-635-5281caronjj@michigan.govSault Ste Marie Management Unit
Chaffin Bruce Contractor-Space Imaging 517-335-3347chaffinb@michigan.govLansing Office
Charlebois Joan Forester E 989-348-6371charlebj@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Chingwa Celeste Ffo Supv 1 906-452-6227chingwac@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Church Andrew Forester E 231-775-9727churcham@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Cline Mary Dept Analyst A 517-373-8041clineme@michigan.govLansing Office
Cole Earl Ffo A 810-724-4804coleel@michigan.govImlay City Field Office
Conklin Janet Secretary A 231-258-2711 ext 6590conklinj@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Conlan Michael Ffo E 231-922-5280 ext 6852conlanm@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Cooper Cynthia Forester E 906-875-6622cooperck@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Cosper Diana Secretary E 517-335-3284cosperd@michigan.govLansing Office
Countryman Thad Heavy Equip Mech A 906-249-1497countryt@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Crigier Steven Forester E 906-477-6048crigiers@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Cross Steve Fma A 231-775-9727 ext 6050crosss@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Cryderman Terry Ft A 906-246-3245crydermt@michigan.govFelch Field Office
Curtis Brenda Landscape Designer A 517-373-6260curtisb@michigan.govLansing Office
Damvelt Chris Ffo A 989-539-6411damveltc@michigan.govHarrison Field Office
Debrabander Steve Nat Res Mgr 3 517-241-3687debrabas@michigan.govLansing Office
Deloria William Equipment Operator E 906-341-2518deloriaw@michigan.govWyman Nursery
Deruiter Amy Ffo E 989-422-2897deruitea@michigan.govHoughton Lake Field Office
Desjardin David Ffo A 269-795-9393desjardd@michigan.govYankee Springs Field Office
Dohm Nicholas Resource Analyst E 517-241-1672dohmnc@michigan.govLansing Office
Douglass Amy Forester E 906-477-6048douglasa@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Douglass Mark Ffo E 231-922-5280 ext 6851douglam1@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Dover Richard Ft A 906-452-6227Doverr@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Dufresne Kim Ffo Supv 1 269-685-6851dufresnk@michigan.govPlainwell Operations Service Center
Duggar W Donald Welder A 989-275-5211duggard@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Dygert LisaState Trans Prof E 517-241-3853dygertl@michigan.govLansing Office
Edison Matthew Ft E 906-477-6048edisonmw@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Eisbrenner Dale Machinist E 989-275-5211eisbrend@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Eisele Steven Ft A 231-824-3591eiseles@michigan.govManton Field Office
Ekdom Dale Forester E 989-275-4622ekdomd@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Espinosa Leonard Property Spec 2 517-335-3248espinosl@michigan.govLansing Office
Evans Leo Ffo A 231-788-5062evansl@michigan.govMuskegon Field Office
Farhat Cheryl Dept Mgr 2 517-335-7036farhatc@michigan.govLansing Office
Farner Charlotte Secretary A 989-732-3541 ext 5445farnerc@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Farrer Craig Ft E 989-348-6371 ext 7445farrerc@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Ferris Jim Fma A 906-228-6561ferrisj@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Fiebelkorn Dennis Equipment Operator A 989-275-5151 ext 2054fiebelkd@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Figley Jacob Ffo A 989-422-2897figleyj@michigan.govHoughton Lake Field Office
Fisher Cassandra Student, Forest Resource Mgt Section 989-275-5151fishec@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Fisher DavidForester E 231-824-3591fisherdj@michigan.govManton Field Office
Fisher Jim Fma A 989-275-5151 ext 2052fisherj@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Fisher Kay Ffo A 906-346-9201fisherk1@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Foco Don Ffo A 231-539-8564focod@michigan.govPellston Field Office
Gaberdiel Paul Ffo Supv 1 906-293-3293 ext 4750gaberdip@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Gallagher Tim Ft A 989-426-9205 ext 7644gallaght@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Garlock DayleNat Res Mgr 3989-732-3541 ext 5040garlocdi@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Gatesy Gregory Forester E 989-732-3541 ext 5441gatesyg@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Gere Milton Environmental Mgr 3 517-335-3249gerem@michigan.govLansing Office
Girvin Anne Accountant E 517-373-8251girvina@michigan.govLansing Office
Glover Peter Ffo A 906-485-1031 ext 312gloverpj@michigan.govIshpeming Field Office
Good Melissa Account Tech E 517-241-5417goodm@michigan.govLansing Office
Goupell Deborah Forester E 906-246-3245goupelld@michigan.govFelch Field Office
Grajek John Forester E 231-745-4651 ext 6941grajekj@michigan.govBaldwin Field Office
Gray Kerry Fma A Lt 517-241-1833grayk@michigan.govLansing Office
Greco Tim Forester E 989-732-3541 ext 5443grecot@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Green Lawrence Ffo E 989-785-4251 ext 5257greenld@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Green William Aircraft Pilot A 989-275-5151 ext 2051greenwr@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Grieve Gerald Forester E 231-258-2711 ext 6541grieveg@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Grinsteiner Roger Ffo A 906-753-6317grinster@michigan.govStephenson Field Office
Gustafson Robert Equipment Operator A 906-249-1497gustafsr@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Haddix David Account Tech A 517-335-3350haddixd@michigan.govLansing Office
Hagan Donna Forester E 231-258-2711hagand@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Hallfrisch Patrick Nat Res Mgr 2 906-635-5281hallfrip@michigan.govSault Ste Marie Management Unit
Hamel John Fma A 906-228-6561hameljm@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Hanley Michael Fma A 517-241-1608hanleym@michigan.govLansing Office Smu
Hansen Fred Ft E 906-353-6651hansenf@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Hansen Mark Ffo A 989-354-7822hansenme@michigan.govAlpena Field Office
Harig Shannon Ft E 231-238-9314 ext 4742harigs@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Harri Neil Aircraft Pilot E 906-482-6260harrien@michigan.govBaraga Operations Service Center
Harrison Laura Accounting Spec 2 517-335-3339harrisll@michigan.govLansing Office
Hartman Jason Forester E 989-275-4622hartmajp@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Hartman Randy Ffo E 989-275-4622hartmanr@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Hatfield Rosanne Secretary A 989-426-9205 ext 7604hatfielr@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Hausler Richard Fms 2 517-335-3351hauslerr@michigan.govLansing Office
Haxby Thomas Fma A 231-775-9727 ext 6042haxbyt@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Heather Scott Nat Res Mgr 3 989-275-5151 ext 2050heathers@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Heckman Daniel Forester E 231-238-9314 ext 4745heckmand@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Heikkila Warren Ft A 906-485-1031 ext 314heikkilw@michigan.govIshpeming Field Office
Herman Kim Resource Analyst A Lt 906-228-6561hermank@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Herman Thale Heavy Equip Mech A 906-249-1497hermant@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Herring Warren Ffo A 231-861-5636herrinwd@michigan.govOceana Field Office
Heyd Robert Fms 2 906-228-6561heydr@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Heym Doug Fms 2 517-335-3342heymd@michigan.govLansing Office
Hill Michael Ffo E 906-293-3293 ext 4753hillm@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Hoane Thomas Geologist Spec 2 517-241-3769hoanet@michigan.govLansing Office
Hoeksema Roger Nat Res Mgr 3 231-775-9727 ext 6040hoeksemr@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Hollander Sherman Resource Spec 2 517-373-9123hollands@michigan.govLansing Office
Holman Michael Ffo E 906-452-6227holmanm@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Homan Les Nat Res Mgr 2 906-293-3293 ext 4740homanl@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Houghton Ernest Fma A 906-786-2351 ext 20houghtoe@michigan.govEscanaba Office
Huff Debra Fms 2 517-335-3355huffd@michigan.govLansing Office
Jacob Otto Forester E 906-563-9042jacobo@michigan.govNorway Field Office
Jacobs Kevin Aircraft Pilot E 989-275-5151 ext 2053jacobsk@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Jahnke Amy Forester E 989-426-9205jahnkea@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Janisse Michael Ffo E 989-275-4622janissem@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Jarecki W. Joseph Fma A 989-983-4101jareckij@michigan.govPigeon River Country Management Unit
Jetly Vikalpa Gis Analyst 517-241-1386jetlyv@michigan.govLansing Office
Johnson David Ft A 231-922-5280 ext 6843johnsod5@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Johnson Donald Fms 2 517-335-3348johnsod4@michigan.govLansing Office
Johnston James Ft E 906-346-9201johnstoj@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Johnston Terry Ffo E 231-238-9314 ext 4751johnsttl@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Jones Dan Ffo A 231-533-8341jonesd3@michigan.govBellaire Field Office
Jones RogerFfo E906-753-6317jonesrn1@michigan.govStephenson Field Office
Kalisz Stephen Fma A 231-775-9727 ext 6043kaliszs@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Kamprath Paul Forester E 989-275-5211kampratp@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Kennedy Richard State Transitional Professional E 517-373-8241kennedyr@michigan.govLansing Office
Keto Allan Nat Res Mgr 3 906-249-1497ketoa@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Keusch Amy Property Analyst E 517-335-3242keuscha@michigan.govLansing Office
Kieft Brandon Property Analyst E 517-373-7677kieftb@michigan.govLansing Office
Kleckler Michelle Resource Analyst E 517-335-2322klecklem@michigan.govLansing Office
Klingler Donald Ffo Supv 1 989-732-3541 ext 5450klingled@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Knapp Tom Carpenter A 810-229-9152knapptl@michigan.govTree Improvement Center
Kollmeyer Paul Fma A Lt 231-775-9727kollmeyp@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Korbecki Kimberley Secretary A 517-373-2891korbeckk@michigan.govLansing Office
Koski John Forester E 906-346-9201koskij@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Krol Terry Ffo E 989-732-3541 ext 5451krolt@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Krusik Susan Dept Analyst A 517-373-1277krusiks@michigan.govLansing Office
Krzycki John Ffo Supv 1 906-635-5281krzyckij@michigan.govSault Ste Marie Management Unit
Kubisiak Steve Landscape Design Spec 2 517-373-1665kubisias@michigan.govLansing Office
Kuhr Donald Fma A 906-293-5131 ext 4041kuhrd@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Labumbard Kevin Forester E 906-346-9201labumbak@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Lakosky Scott Ffo A 906-499-3346lakoskys@michigan.govSeney Field Office
Lange John Ii Ffo Supv 1 231-238-9314 ext 4750langej@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Lanning Charles Ffo A 906-297-2581lanningc@michigan.govDetour Village Field Office
Laux Daniel Ffo Supv 1 906-353-6651lauxd@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Lee Douglas Ffo A 989-736-8336leedk@michigan.govLincoln Field Office
Lee Lindsay Student/Resource Assessment Unit 517-241-3445leell@michigan.govLansing Office
Lemmien David Nat Res Mgr 2 231-922-5280 ext 6840lemmiend@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Lentz Kimberly Ft A 989-732-3541 ext 5442lentzk@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Lewicki Jason Forester E 989-275-4622lewickij@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Lindberg Linda Forester E 906-875-6622lindberl@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Lint David Scott Ft A 231-922-5280 ext 6844lints@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Lopinski Douglas Maintenance Mech E 906-341-2518lopinskd@michigan.govWyman Nursery
Luoto Cory Ft E 906-477-6048luotoc@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Macdonald Russell Ffo Supv 1 906-786-2354macdonra@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Macneill Roger Ffo E 989-736-8336macneilr@michigan.govLincoln Field Office
Magnusson Keith Forester E 906-293-3293 ext 4745magnussk@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Maki Brian Resource Analyst E 517-335-2325makibl@michigan.govLansing Office
Maki Jerry Ffo E 906-346-9201makij@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Malloy James Forester E 231-824-3591malloyj@michigan.govManton Field Office
Mandenberg Mark Landscape Designer E 517-335-3037mandenbm@michigan.govLansing Office
Mankee Donald Forester E 906-353-6651mankeed@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Manson Julie Property Mgr 3 517-335-3232mansonja@michigan.govLansing Office
Marzolo Laurie Nat Res Mgr 2 989-785-4251marzolol@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Matson Kristen Forester E 906-452-6227matsonk1@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Mattila John Ffo E 906-353-6651mattilaj@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Mcarthur Patricia Secretary 517-675-5111mcarthup@michigan.govRose Lake Warehouse And Repair Shop
Mcdonald Rick Ft A 989-983-4101mcdonalr@michigan.govPigeon River Country Management Unit
Mckenzie Randy Fma A 906-249-1497mckenzir@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Mcmillan Chris Accounting Spec 2 517-241-1363mcmillac@michigan.govLansing Office
Mcnamee Dan Forester E 906-786-2354mcnameed@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Mech Roger Fms 2 517-335-4408mechr@michigan.govLansing Office
Meese Gary Ffo E 231-745-4651 ext 6952meeseg@michigan.govBaldwin Field Office
Mensch Brian Ffo E 906-293-3293 ext 4752menschb@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Mergener Richard Nat Res Mgr 2 Wyman Nursery
Merrick Lucas Forester E 989-732-3541merrickl@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Milford Steve Nat Res Mgr 2 906-875-6622milfords@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Miller Bruce Ffo Supv 1 810-229-5762millerbc@michigan.govBrighton Office
Minett Dean Aircraft Pilot E 906-293-5131 ext 4051minettd@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Mittlestat Don Forester E 989-983-4101mittlesd@michigan.govPigeon River Country Management Unit
Mittlestat Jason Forester E 906-353-6651mittlesj@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Mohlman Gerald Forester E 906-346-9201mohlmang@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Money Jack Ffo A 989-348-6371 ext 7455moneyja@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Money Joel Ffo E 989-348-6371 ext 7451moneyje@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Montei Mark Forester E 989-348-6371 ext 7442monteim@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Moore Dan Fma A 906-293-5131 ext 4045mooredw@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Moore Edwin Heavy Equip Mech Spv 2 989-732-4481 ext 4771mooreew@michigan.govGaylord Repair Shop
Murphy Keith Ffo E 906-499-3346murphykt@michigan.govSeney Field Office
Murray Ronald Nat Res Mgr 3 517-335-3353murrayr@michigan.govLansing Office
Nathan Daniel Ffo E 906-346-9201nathand@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Neiss Todd Resource Analyst A 231-775-9727 ext 6045neisstm@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Nelson Cheryl Forester E 231-745-4651nelsonca@michigan.govBaldwin Field Office
Nelson Martin Nat Res Mgr 2 906-353-6651nelsonmk@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Neumann David Fma A 517-241-9054neumannd@michigan.govLansing Office Smu
Nezich Dennis Fms 2 906-228-6561 ext 3051nezichd@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Nicolas Adrien Drafting Tech A 517-241-3854nicolasa@michigan.govLansing Office
Noble Jeffrey Ffo E 906-485-1031nobleja@michigan.govIshpeming Field Office
Noffze Mike Equipment Operator E 989-983-4101noffzem@michigan.govPigeon River Country Management Unit
Nyhoff Steven Forester E 989-426-9205 ext 7642nyhoffs@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Olson Patrick Ffo A 906-563-9042olsonpc@michigan.govNorway Field Office
Oneill William State Administrative Mgr 1 989-732-3541 ext 5016oneillw@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Osantowski Martin Ffo A 989-733-8774osantowm@michigan.govOnaway Field Office
Osterberg Jay Ffo E 906-293-3293 ext 4754osterbej@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Osterland Lee Ffo Supv 1 989-275-4622osterlal@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Paluda Michael State Administrative Mgr 1 906-228-6561paludam@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Paulus Timothy Ft A 989-733-8774paulust@michigan.govOnaway Field Office
Pearson Robin Resource Analyst A 989-732-3541 ext 5045pearsorg@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Pedersen Lawrence Nat Res Mgr 3 517-335-3330pedersel@michigan.govLansing Office
Pelton Dana Ffo E 989-539-6411peltondc@michigan.govHarrison Field Office
Pelton Robert Ffo E 231-734-5840peltonr@michigan.govEvart Field Office
Pennell Jay Ffo A 989-826-3211 ext 7050pennellj@michigan.govMio Field Office
Perry Paige Resource Analyst E 989-732-3541 ext 5086perrypa@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Peterson Georgia Fma A 517-335-7383petersog@michigan.govLansing Office
Petrelius Adam Forester E 906-341-8463petrelia@michigan.govWyman Nursery (Forestry)
Phillips KenForester E231-238-9314 ext 4741phillikj@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Pickler Michael Heavy Equip Mech E 989-732-4481 ext 4774picklerm@michigan.govGaylord Repair Shop
Pillow Donald Drafting Tech A 989-275-5211pillowd@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Pilon John Fms 2 989-732-3541 ext 5042pilonj@michigan.govGaylord Operations Service Center
Pine Michael Ffo A 616-673-5819pinem@michigan.govAllegan Field Office
Polus Kris Secretary A 989-275-4622polusk@michigan.govRoscommon Management Unit
Popour Terry Ffo Supv 1 906-346-9201popourt@michigan.govGwinn Management Unit
Porter Carol Secretary A 906-786-2354porterc@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Potter Patrick Forester E 989-348-6371 ext 7441potterp@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Powell Kristine Department Tech E 989-732-4481 ext 4770powellkm@michigan.govGaylord Repair Shop
Powers Brian Ffo Supv 1 989-426-9205 ext 7650powersb@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Price David Resource Analyst A 517-241-9051priced1@michigan.govLansing Office
Proulx Thomas Ffo E 906-353-6651proulxt@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Puckett Craig Student, Mlms 517-241-3006puckettc@michigan.govLansing Office
Racine Daniel Forester E 906-786-2354racined@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Radabaugh Jim State Administrative Mgr 1 517-373-1276radabauj@michigan.govLansing Office
Rader Rod Ffo A 231-325-4611raderr@michigan.govPlatte River Field Office
Rankin Sally Secretary A 517-335-3251rankins@michigan.govLansing Office
Reed Henry Drafting Tech A 517-335-7271reedht@michigan.govLansing Office
Reichel Mark Forester E 989-426-9205reichelm@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Reisinger DavidMachinist E 989-275-5211reisingd@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Rewerts Tanya Secretary A 517-335-3349rewertst@michigan.govLansing Office
Rice Edward Forester E 906-293-3293riceed@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Rockstad Peter Heavy Equip Mech E 517-675-5111rockstap@michigan.govRose Lake Warehouse And Repair Shop
Rodock Karen Forester E 906-477-6048rodockk@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Rogers MindySecretary A 231-745-4651rogersms@michigan.govBaldwin Field Office
Rohdy Cameron Equipment Operator E 989-348-6371 ext 7444rohdyc@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Rouston Kenneth Ft A 231-258-2711 ext 6543roustonk@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Ruppen Patrick Forester E 231-258-2711ruppenp@michigan.govKalkaska Field Office
Ryan Frances Department Analyst E 517-241-2128ryanf@michigan.govLansing Office
Salbert Judith Secretary A 906-293-3293 ext 4700salbertj@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Salter Dustin Forester E 906-753-6317salterds@michigan.govStephenson Field Office
Sands Barbara Secretary A 989-348-6371 ext 7448sandsb@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Sanville Steven Ffo E 906-341-8463sanvills@michigan.govWyman Nursery (Forestry)
Sartori Charles Ffo E 906-875-6622sartorc1@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Sartori Chester (Jim) Ffo E 906-563-9042sartorij@michigan.govNorway Field Office
Sayers Kevin Fma A 517-241-4632sayersk@michigan.govLansing Office
Schultz C. Jack Heavy Equip Mech E 517-373-1218schultcj@michigan.govLansing Office
Seablom Thomas Forester E 906-875-6622seablomt@michigan.govCrystal Falls Office
Sebero Scott Ft A 906-875-6622seberos@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Seelig Neil Heavy Equip Mech E 906-249-1497seelign@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Sheathelm Vickie Secretary A 989-275-5211sheathev@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Silagy Lori Resource Analyst A 989-275-5151 ext 2100silagyla@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Simmer Paul Ffo Supv 1 231-922-5280 ext 6850simmerp@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Smith Linda Kay Secretary E 517-335-3340smithlk@michigan.govLansing Office
Smith Shannon Student/Resource Assessment Unit 517-241-3445smithsm@michigan.govLansing Office
Soncrainte Joseph Ffo Spv 1 989-785-4251 ext 5255soncraij@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Spagnuolo Margaret Secretary A 517-335-3352spagnuom@michigan.govLansing Office
Spalding David Fms 2 517-335-3337spaldind@michigan.govLansing Office
Stacks Donald Ft E 231-238-9314 ext 4743stacksd@michigan.govIndian River Field Office
Stampfly Jeff Nat Res Mgr 2 906-452-6227stampflj@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Standerfer Kelly Forester E 906-753-6317standerk@michigan.govStephenson Field Office
Stearns Michael Ffo E 989-732-3541 ext 5452stearnsm@michigan.govGaylord Management Unit
Stearns Nathan Ffo E 989-426-9205 ext 7652stearnsn@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Stephens Jason For Mgt Spec 2 517-335-0981stephenj@michigan.govLansing Office
Sterrett William Nat Res Mgr 2 231-775-9727 ext 6046sterretw@michigan.govCadillac Management Unit
Stevens Cody Forester E 989-785-4251 ext 5241stevencn@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Stevens Wanda Executive Secretary E 517-373-1056stevensw@michigan.govLansing Office
Stevenson Richard Fma A 906-293-5131 ext 4043stevenrd@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Stolecki Deborah Dept Analyst A 517-373-7103stoleckd@michigan.govLansing Office
Stone Thomas Fma A 231-238-9314 ext 4744stonet@michigan.govIndian River Office
Sturm-Richmond Jessica Student 231-775-9727sturmj@michigan.govCadillac Management Unit
Sysol Theresa Forester E 906-293-3293 ext 4743sysolt@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Takacs Ada Dept Analyst A 989-275-5151 ext 2049takacsa@michigan.govRoscommon Operations Service Center
Tarnowski Gregory Ffo A 906-288-3058tarnowge@michigan.govTwin Lakes Field Office
Tate Gregory Maintenance Mech E 989-275-5211tategj@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Taylor Joseph State Administrative Mgr 1 517-241-3208taylj@michigan.govLansing Office
Terwilliger David Painter E 989-275-5211terwilld@michigan.govForest Fire Experiment Station
Theiner Robert Ft A 989-785-4251 ext 5242theinerr@michigan.govAtlanta Management Unit
Thelen Kris Property Analyst A 517-373-0477thelenmk@michigan.govLansing Office
Thiel Susan Nat Res Mgr 2 989-348-6371 ext 7440thielsj@michigan.govGrayling Management Unit
Thompson Eric Nat Res Mgr 2 906-786-2354thompsoe@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Thornton Joan Secretary A 989-983-4101thorntjm@michigan.govPigeon River Country Management Unit
Throop Scott Fma A 231-775-9727throops@michigan.govCadillac Operations Service Center
Tokar Jason Forester E 906-293-3293 ext 4742tokarj@michigan.govNewberry Management Unit
Toledano Jenifer Communications Assistant E 517-373-1275toledanj@michigan.govLansing Office
Tower Bruce Ffo A 231-734-5840towerb@michigan.govEvart Field Office
Triplett Richard Ffo A 231-824-3591tripletr@michigan.govManton Field Office
Tuovila Stephen Ffo A 906-341-8463tuovilas@michigan.govWyman Nursery (Forestry)
Turner Jeremy Ffo A 989-687-7771turnerjt@michigan.govSanford Field Office
Turunen John Ft E 906-353-6651turunenj@michigan.govBaraga Management Unit
Tylka Robert Forester E 906-452-6227tylkar@michigan.govShingleton Management Unit
Uptigrove Mary Dept Mgr 3 517-373-0576uptigrom@michigan.govLansing Office
Vallier Charlie Ffo A 906-477-6048vallierc@michigan.govNaubinway Field Office
Vanoverbeke Jeffrey Heavy Equip Mech E 989-732-4481 ext 4774vanoverj@michigan.govGaylord Repair Shop
Vanwormer Eric Student 231-775-9727vanworme@michigan.govCadillac Management Unit
Vasher Jeffrey Ffo E 989-426-9205 ext 7651vasherj@michigan.govGladwin Management Unit
Walimaki James Heavy Equip Mech A 989-732-4481 ext 4774walimaj@michigan.govGaylord Repair Shop
Watson Cynthia Property Analyst A 517-241-2367watsoncy@michigan.govLansing Office
Weatherspoon Anthony Fms 2 517-335-3332weathera@michigan.govLansing Office
Webb Timothy Forester E 231-922-5280webbtl@michigan.govTraverse City Management Unit
Weingartz Lisa Ffo A 989-345-0472weingarl@michigan.govWest Branch Field Office
Welch Darrell Fma A 906-293-5131welchde@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Wellman Gary Ffo E 906-786-2354wellmagl@michigan.govEscanaba Management Unit
Wellman Tom State Administrative Mgr 1 517-373-7666wellmant@michigan.govLansing Office
West Jeffrey Ffo E 906-875-6622westj@michigan.govCrystal Falls Management Unit
Wheeler Wayne Ft A 906-293-5131 ext 4046wheelewd@michigan.govNewberry Operations Service Center
Wilson Dean Forester E 906-485-1031 ext 305wilsonde@michigan.govIshpeming Field Office
Wise Jeffrey Forester E 906-635-5281wisejd@michigan.govSault Ste Marie Management Unit
Yesney Ronald Resource Analyst A 906-228-6561 ext 3043yesneyr@michigan.govMarquette Operations Service Center
Zajac Thomas Carpenter E 810-229-9152zajact@michigan.govTree Improvement Center
Ziel Robert Fma A 906-249-1497zielr@michigan.govMarquette Warehouse And Repair Shop
Zweifler Mark Gis Analyst 517-241-1386zweiflem@michigan.govLansing Office

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Can we just send them all a general email?
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Originally Posted by Immortal
Can we just send them all a general email?
the ones I highlighted with smileies are the ones I could remember from the ORV Advisory board. they are major players in what happens to our trails. so if you feel the need to write or call be pleasant and to the point.
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Default Please:

Originally Posted by Yetti
be pleasant and to the point.
To be 'to the point', you have to have a POINT.

If anyone is going to call, make sure you've thought out exactly what it is you want to say.

This is a situation where a hundred mis-placed calls could hurt our image more than it helps. There's an old saying: It's better to be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

While speaking with ANY member of the DNR (or government), Y O U are acting as the voice of the entire wheeling community. Be sure to leave the RIGHT impression.

I'm not trying to scare anyone off. I just want to make sure that if it's done, it's in a manner that will further the sport.

Yetti, do you have the list in Word (or other) format that you could email to me?
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heres the link from the states page. if you copy & paste it, it gets scrambled
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I did a quick test you can down load it to PDF to your docs with the "save as"
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Default Thanks!

Worked like a champ -- even kept its' spacing.
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