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Looking to ride
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Default New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a "Green Economy" Based on Marijuana


While the Obama Administration continues to propel us toward a Transnational Corporate Economy Bruce Cain is running for President in order to offer a better alternative: A decentralized "Hemp-based" Green economy.


The Real Problems We Face as a Nation

It is often forgotten that from the mid-1600's to the mid-1800's American Colonists were actually able to pay their taxes with bales of Marijuana. Of course back them they just called it "HEMP." But this plant was so important to our early economy that it basically constituted an alternative form of currency. As we waste Trillions on Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico and Libya perhaps it is time we begin to reconsider the sage advice of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Henry Ford:

"Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?"
- Henry Ford quote on Marijuana

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."
- Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President quote on Hemp
Marijuana Quote from George Washington, U.S. President

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere."
- George Washington, U.S. President quote on Hemp

Click here for additional endorsements for the legalization of Marijuana (e.g., Cannabis, Hemp).

One thing you can count on is that my campaign, for President of the United States, will focus sharply on immediate Re-Legalization of Marijuana in order to exploit it's Agricultural, Industrial, Medicinal and Recreational uses. Having said that I also want to make clear that I have no intention of running as a "one issue" candidate.

As the United States plunges deeper into a "silent depression" it has become abundantly clear that Obama has chosen to serve a transnational global elite rather than the American People. In the first 3 years of his administration millions of Americans have fallen victim to offshoring and technological advances (e.g., Prosumption) which continue to destroy millions of American careers and jobs . And as the American People have been "downsized" to the remaining "McJobs," or long term unemployment, millions have already lost their homes to Multi-National Corporate forces well beyond their individual control. Nearly 2.8 American families lost their homes in 2010 alone. Economists have even recommended that jobless Americans, over the age of 50, just accept the fact that they will never find a decent job again: due to healthcare costs that make hiring older Americans unprofitable to their bottom line. Yet Obama's "healthcare fiasco" does nothing to lighten the burden or either younger or older American workers.

Even before Obama ascended to the position of President, in 2009, he talked about decriminalizing Marijuana and creating millions of "green jobs." But instead he has escalated the "War on Cannabis Consumers" while creating "green jobs" . . . in China. It has got to the point where it is rare to find an Obama supporter that does not now have "buyers remorse." At the same time both wings of the Multinational Corporate Bird -- Democrats and Republicans -- are demanding further austerity from the American People. Yet ironically it has been the Multi-National Control of our Congress that led to all or the bubbles (S&L to Housing) over the last 40 to 50 years. So it seems a synaptic jump, into lunacy, to suggest that we should bail out the Multi-National Corporations and Central Banks that had purposely engineered the destruction of the United States and it's people. And yet that is exactly what Obama did through his support of TARP and Qualitative Easing 1&2. This is like giving a robber a "bonus check" for robbing your home.

It would not be surprised if we don't soon experience the same violent protests that are now heating up throughout Europe and the Middle East. And apparently Obama thinks the same as he prepares 800 gulags across the United States to house those that would dare to question his agenda. And at the same time he is attempting to destroy the Internet as another measure to stifle dissent among the American People. It seems rather obvious that Obama is taking that velvet glove off his iron fist. It almost appears that Obama wants to foment unrest. Personally, I would like to avoid all of that .

I think it is time for a significant change in America: a time to get back to our roots as a self sufficient, sovereign nation. And in setting this example here, at home, I also hope that similar movements take root throughout the planet. For our real problems have never been with the people of China, Russia or wherever else you might have concern. No, our real problems are with the transnational corporations that now supersede the authority of any nation, including that of the United States.

In my recent writing I have spoken of the eminent end of what I have termed the "Petro-Corporate-Ponzi" Epoch of human history. Let me briefly describe the significance of each component of the current Epoch:

Petro: We have a growing global population competing for a dwindling supply of oil.

Corporate: It is the corporate paradigm which has caused the offshoring of our jobs, the offshoring of our manufacturing base and the utter robbery of the Middle Class through TARP, Qualitative Easing (1 and 2) etc. In short we have been literally robbed of our very futures.

Ponzi: If you would take the time to watch the film, Inside Job, you will come to understand that all of the economic bubbles (S&L, Dot Come, Housing and finally the Derivative Bubble) have been specifically engineered to rob the Middle Class of their wealth and their futures.

I use the term "epoch" to emphasize that we are about to undergo a change in civilization that is at least as significant as the changes brought forth by the evolution of agriculture some 12,000 years ago. So we now find ourselves at a cross road in human history where we must decide which path to proceed. If we go down the "Demopublican" Globalist path we will all soon be the slaves of a One World Corporate Government. I prefer a different path, once described by E. F. Shumaker's 1973 book "Small is Beautiful." The Times Literary Supplement ranked "Small Is Beautiful" among the 100 most influential books published since World War II.

In the first chapter, "The Problem of Production", Schumacher argues that the modern economy is unsustainable. Natural resources (like fossil fuels), are treated as expendable income, when in fact they should be treated as capital, since they are not renewable, and thus subject to eventual depletion. He further argues that nature's resistance to pollution is limited as well. He concludes that government effort must be concentrated on sustainable development, because relatively minor improvements, for example, technology transfer to Third World countries, will not solve the underlying problem of an unsustainable economy.

Schumacher's philosophy is one of "enoughness," appreciating both human needs, limitations and appropriate use of technology. It grew out of his study of village-based economics, which he later termed "Buddhist economics," which is the subject of the book's fourth chapter.

He faults conventional economic thinking for failing to consider the most appropriate scale for an activity, blasts notions that "growth is good," and that "bigger is better," and questions the appropriateness of using mass production in developing countries, promoting instead "production by the masses." Schumacher was one of the first economists to question the appropriateness of using gross national product to measure human well being, emphasizing that "the aim ought to be to obtain the maximum amount of well being with the minimum amount of consumption."

It is to get the American People on this alternative path that I am now running as a "write in candidate" for President of the United States in 2012. And while I have little faith that I will be sitting in the Oval Office, come 2013, it is my hope that I might at least plant this virus deep into the coming presidential debates leading up to the November 2012 National Election. We are in dire need of some "change" we can all, once again, believe in. And get a clue, it ain't going to be coming from Obama, Romney or any other corporate mannequin.

In 1996 and 2008 I made similar attempts to effect the political debate by running as a "write in" candidate for President. In 1996 I also ran, concurrently, as a Libertarian candidate against Michigan US Congressman John Dingle. And while I only received 1.8 percent of the vote that was the largest percent of the vote garnered by any Michigan Libertarian Candidate. And I spent nothing on my campaign as I intend to spend nothing on my 2012 Presidential Campaign.

In 2008 I developed the following political platform to make my intent clear:

:NEW AGENDA FOR AMERICA: Preliminary Planks
Help Influence the 2012 Presidency]

(1) Universal Health Care for All American Citizens
(2) A 20-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States
(3) Legal Marijuana for all Adults and Medical Patients
(4) An immediate reversal to the Offshoring and Inshoring of American Jobs
(5) A strict enforcement on issues of Separation of Church and State
(6) An immediate move from so-called Free Trade Agreements to Bilateral Trade agreements
(7) A major R&D project to bring energy independence to the United States and the World through recycling, reuse, ending hyper-consumerism and investing in the development of sustainable energy sources (e.g., hemp, solar, photovoltaic, wind, geothermal)
(8) No further ownership of US Assets (businesses, homes, ports, stock exchanges) by foreign governments or individuals!
(9) Replace the Federal Reserve with a People's Reserve which allows public oversight
(10) Absolute support for Net Neutrality

Additional Videos and Articles on the "New Agenda for America":

There are two aspects of my 2012 campaign platform that I would like to share with you now: My platforms on Marijuana Re-Legalization and my policy plank demanding a bailout for the American People:

Marijuana Re-Legalization:

Since 2008 I have developed a new paradigm for Marijuana Re-Legalization know as MERP. The best description as to how MERP would be implemented can be viewed in the following videos:

Petition for the Immediate Re-Legalization of Marijuana

Overview of the MERP Model

The MERP Model is absolutely antithetical to the attempts by the moneyed organizations (NORML, DPA, MPP, ASA) and large Multi-National Corporations (e.g., Monsanto, Big Pharma) to monopolize control of Marijuana in ways similar, or even more restrictive to those currently imposed on hard liquor.

MERP sees the "untaxed, unregulated, uncontrolled" home cultivation of Cannabis -- for both food, medicine and recreation -- to be a keystone for any future policy concerning Marijuana (e.g., Cannabis, Hemp). I have already produced over 50 articles and videos explaining various aspects of MERP which can be accessed through the following link:

Because Marijuana is Safer that Beer . . .
How About We Start Treating It That Way?
MERP Headquarters
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project (MRPP)= "MERP"

Here (below) are my two latest articles on the need for "untaxed, unregulated, uncontrolled" personal self-cultivation of Cannabis.

Why We Should Not Allow Marijuana to be Taxed or Regulated - the "Big Picture"

Obama's War on Marijuana: Racist, Hypocritical and Unconstitutional

Additions, soon to be added to the MERP Model, will include:

* Complete prohibitions against Genetically Modified Cannabis (e.g., GMO Cannabis as currently being pursued by Corporations such as Monsanto).
* The immediate release of all non-violent Marijuana Prisoners.
* A demand for immediate hemp based fuel oil and ethanol farming projects to better understand the extent to which hemp might lead us toward independence from Islamically controlled oil in the Middle East.

A bailout for the American People:

The American People have been robbed blind by the Demopublican parties and the Multi-National Corporations that control them like mindless marionettes. This has been going on for decades and Obama is just the latest shill for this unprecedented robbery. As you will see for yourself, by viewing "Inside Job," he retained most of the Bush "economic terrorists" back on board as soon as he got into the Oval Office in 2009.

Even before winning the Presidency Obama was a poster boy for the TARP Bailout in October 2008. It was recently disclosed that the TARP bailout was not the "mere" 800 Billion that it was supposed to be. According to a Federal Reserve investigation, pushed forward by Bernie Sanders, the actual amount "stolen" from us was more like 13 Trillion dollars. There are other economists that believe the combined robbing of the American people -- between TARP, Qualitative Easing I&II -- to be well over 30 Trillion dollars. What is important to understand that most of this money -- your money -- went to bail out International Banks, Central Banks and Multinational Corporations.

I want every dime of that money returned and distributed to the Legal American Citizens of this "once great" Republic. If we simply divide the 30 Trillion by the 300 Million "Legal Citizens" of the United States that would mean a $100,000 check for each American. Unlike Obama's measures this is not going to go to police, unions, teachers and other members of the dwindling "special class," still enjoying defined benefit pensions and other perks. No, it is going to go to all "Legal American Citizens."

Under this plan each "Legal" recipient would have to pay off all current debt before pocketing whatever "change" might be left. This means any mortgage, credit, student loans, etc. would first have to be paid off. The remainder would then be made available to further stimulate the economy. It is possible that the remainder would be taxed to some extent, though that granularity is yet to be determined.

This is in no way to be considered "government welfare." It might better be thought of as remuneration for being robbed blind by the Multi-National Corporations that have now controlled all 3 branches of our government for years if not centuries.

Let me just briefly expand on one of the benefits to this alternative "bailout" of the people Vs the corporations. By allowing home owners to pay off their mortgages home prices will stop falling as supply is immediately removed from the market. More importantly millions of Americans will once more be secure in their homes again. Now I'm sure some will say that such measures are absolutely "crazy." But is this idea any crazier than what Obama has already done: giving as much as 30 trillion of your future dollars to the corporations and central banks that got us into this mess to begin with?

Presidential Strategy

I will be running as a "write-in" candidate. A write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name. In the past this sort of strategy would have been unthinkable at the national level. But it has already been found to work at the state level:

"In 2010 incumbent Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican primary to Joe Miller.[4] Following her defeat she ran in the general election as a write in candidate. Murkowski had filed, and won, a lawsuit requiring election officials to have the list of names of write in candidates distributed at the polls [5] and subsequently won the election with a wide enough margin over both Miller, and Democratic Party candidate Scott T. McAdams, to make moot the write-in ballots that had been challenged by Miller."

The reason I actually think this has a remote chance of succeeding can be summarized in one word: the Internet. In the history of civilization I don't think there has ever been such a equalizing tool as the Internet. In 2010 I worked with a small team of activists to help defeat a Californian Initiative that we felt would have monopolized the production and distribution of Marijuana to a few Multi-millionaire investors. The proposal was known as Prop19. And amazingly we had tremendous impact and Prop19 was defeated. And while we didn't make a dime off the effort, we effectively wasted about 2 million dollars from international scum bag George Soros. So in a sense the Internet allowed us to force a reasoned debate with very well financed organizations that favored Prop19: NORML, DPA, MPP, Oaksterdam, Harborside etc. It was a great testament to a victory of ideas over money. And perhaps that is why Obama is so intent on destroying the unbridled freedom currently available through the Internet.

I don't expect anyone to commit to my candidacy quite yet. But I do urge you to do one simple thing, right now: just in case the "Demopublican" choices have you puking in your mouth as you go to the polls in November 2012. Simply write my name on a business card or piece of paper and place it securely in your wallet or purse:

"Bruce W. Cain"

I will have a formal mailing list available soon for you to sign up. In the interim just sign the following cause as it will serve as an informal mailing list in the interim:

Re-Legalize Marijuana Self-Cultivation Without Taxation (Like Beer)

In the next few months I hope to release my first book which is a compendium of all of the articles I wrote as Editor of New Age Patriot Magazine (1989 - 1997). The working title is "Marijuana Warriors" and it focuses on activists such as myself, Jack Herer and untold others. What separates us from the moneyed drug reform organizations (NORML, DPA, MPP ASA etc.) is that we have always insisted that in order to "Save the Planet" all adults must be able to "grow their own" Marijuana without any form of "taxation, regulation, or government control." I also am considering some book signings and lectures to get the word out on both MERP and my "write-in" candidacy.

Finally, recognize that I have done something none of the other candidates are likely to do. I have basically outlined a very large and aggressive agenda. Historically candidates tend to obfuscate their agendas in order to say contrary things, to different audiences, in order to garner votes. If you know me at all you will understand that I have never played that game.

And while there may be some planks, over which you might disagree, I only ask that you give me some credit for my candor and honestly weight the benefits of my agenda to those of the other candidates. My intent has always been to benefit the Legal American Citizens of the United States over the Multi-National Corporate Interests. I only ask that you give me your honest consideration when you go to vote in November 2012.

In the meantime please the link to this article, as widely as possible, so that we can at least interject some new ideas into the upcoming Presidential debates.

Yours in Peace and Freedom,

Bruce W. Cain

Additional References

MERP Headquarters
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy Project

Signup for the MERP Weekly Newsletter

California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative

The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010

Jack Herer, Patron Saint of Global Cannabis Movement IN EULOGY
Bonnie King Apr-20-2010

Special 4/20 message from NORMLís Executive Director Allen St. Pierre
April 20, 2010

War Breaks Out Within the Marijuana Legalization Movement (Part 1)

War Breaks Out Within the Marijuana Legalization Movement (Part 2)

Justices Weigh Rules on Recovering Seized Assets

Lou Dobbs: CA to legalize recreational marijuana?

Proposition 215 author announces boycott of Blue Sky medical marijuana dispensary
October 15, 2009; Santa Cruz County Drug Policy Examiner; J. Craig Canada

Jim Lehrer News Hour (PBS): Taxing Marijuana

CNN Lou Dobbs Says US Government in on Drug Trafficking

The Century of the Self: The Untold History of Controlling the Masses Through the Manipulation of Unconscious Desires

The Media

Keith Stroup (Founder of NORML) and Lester Grinspoon To Testify at Wednesday's MA Hearing For Legalization

National Geographic - Marijuana Nation
[44:30 Minutes - Mar 23, 2009]

Lisa "Dinga" Ling provides the typical corporate media propaganda. As with coverage by other national "reporters" (Lou Dobbs, Anderson Cooper etc.) this film refuses to address the fact that without prohibition we could all grow our Marijuana for free and the "greater good" would immediately be served. The only thing that makes an ounce of Marijuana worth $300 to $500 an ounce is the fact that is is still illegal. Once legal we can all grow it for free outside or for about $25 and ounce under lights indoors.

Newsweek Magazine, PBS NewsHour, FOX Business News all look at mainstreaming of marijuana legalization

Leave it to NORML to hang themselves. This contains links to a plethora of "tax and regulate" media propaganda. I challenge you to find anything in any of these presentations that talks about adult Americans being able to "grow their own."

Los Angeles Prepares for Clash Over Marijuana

MPP Talks about "Taxing and Regulating" Marijuana

How the Marijuana Re-Legalization Movement Has Been Betrayed by Soros, Nadleman (DPA) and Kampia (MPP)

Marijuana Re-Legalization Anthem: "The Ride So Far"

The Ride So Far
Words and Music by Bruce W. Cain
Copyright 2009

See you driving in you car
How you like the drive so far babe?
Will you travel very far?
Or will the highway fade before your eyes?

You drive around so aimlessly
Where was it you hoped to be now?
Did you reach your destiny?
Are you where you hoped to be today?


There must be a better way than this
We need to talk about it
They won't even let us grow a weed
It's time to shout about it

Weed it just a symbol now
Of those freedoms I hold sacred
I wear this leaf to tell you now
We're here to take our freedoms back today

And all of us is all we need
Peace on Earth is what we pray for
The love you get will far exceed
All the love you'll ever give away


Come on, Come on, Come on baby
Come on down and join the circle
Come on little Goddess let's get high

Come on, Come on, Come on baby
Come on down and join the circle
Come on everybody let's get high

let's get high
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Is this worse than basing a industry on drugs being illegal? how much do we spend on prisons, leo enforcement and court costs?
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Cliff notes?

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This dude won't pass a piss test, which means he can't hold a decent job, but qualifies for welfare.
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Don't care to read so many words about a guy who wants to base our economy on pot.

"So like... check this... What we'll do is, uh... We'll, like, base our... ... ... economy? Yeah, economy, on like.. paying people off with pot. Since it was, like, a HUUUGE, uh... resource, back when those one dudes started the Americas."
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Originally Posted by Fullsize4life View Post
Cliff notes?
X 2349823598235982.

I don't think I've ever seen a longer single post. I made it through the 1st 3 sentenses and said F-it.
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Originally Posted by sandvipr View Post
x 2349823598235982.

I don't think i've ever seen a longer single post. I made it through the 1st 3 sentenses and said f-it.
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I believe those old timers were talking about growing it to use hemp as a material, not a product to get stoned with.

Considering we now make winch lines out of synthetic materials that are as strong as, if not stronger than, steel there is probably no use for hemp outside of a hippie convention.
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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
I believe those old timers were talking about growing it to use hemp as a material, not a product to get stoned with.

Considering we now make winch lines out of synthetic materials that are as strong as, if not stronger than, steel there is probably no use for hemp outside of a hippie convention.

You would be surprised, there are a lot of manufacturing processes that can be re-worked to use hemp oil instead of dino oil.

It can also be used to replace other organic ingredients in E85 fuels, as a more rapidly growing plant than corn.
It can also help to "clean" farm land that is getting tired.

And this can be done with "clean" hemp, i.e. genetically engineered to grow without producing THC.

Is that guy a pot head, Yes, but there are a lot of viable uses for a cheap, sustainable organic such as hemp that cannot be further developed because hemp is "evil"
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WOW mega post
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Originally Posted by Sandals View Post
You would be surprised, there are a lot of manufacturing processes that can be re-worked to use hemp oil instead of dino oil.

It can also be used to replace other organic ingredients in E85 fuels, as a more rapidly growing plant than corn.
It can also help to "clean" farm land that is getting tired.

And this can be done with "clean" hemp, i.e. genetically engineered to grow without producing THC.

Is that guy a pot head, Yes, but there are a lot of viable uses for a cheap, sustainable organic such as hemp that cannot be further developed because hemp is "evil"
Right. And you can make millions with an Alpaca farm too.
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wall of bullshit text hits Tjwheeler for 19,191,919,999,999 damage; 19,191,919,999,000 of which is overkill damage.

couldnt u just summarize this as "hey look what this pot head wants to do lol..."
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