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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
do you think that 2 people must get married or is it acceptable to continue dating for long periods of time? me and the gf had a major fight the other day and it sparked my curiosity on what other people thought about marriage in general.

my though is that marriage is stupid, outdated, has a 50% failure rate, and is a religious tradition that doesn't fit modern society IMO. i for one am not religious and do not believe in any god, or any higher power or whatever else people believe in these days.

what marriage to me means is a piece of paper that legally declares i'm with someone, and a ring on your finger that tells other people that your taken. you don't need paper and an expensive ring for that...
I don't think this argument between your GF and you really is about marriage, more likely what it really was about is the insecurity that a dating relationship has in comparison to a married relationship
women look to being married for a sense of security a fact of knowing you are her's and she is yours. weather you think it is out dated or silly is of no significance because your GF has no security to say you are hers.

Marriage provides security in multiple ways
first its a tradition, boy meets girl and eventually get married; People in general acknowledge it as a "Life Milestone"

2ndly it costs money. this tells your women that she is important enough to spend an outrageous amount of cash for stupid ceremony and piece of paper

3rdly she can have ya by the balls. don't do what she wants she can divorce and take yo money.

and 4thly women from childhood dream about how beautiful their weddings are going to be... why i don't know i'm not a women.

but to answere your question i agree with you but i aint about to go tell my fiancee there aint gonna be a wedding... she knows where i sleep after all.
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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
i've been with my gf for 2 yrs and 1 month as of the first of april. i used to wanna be with her, now i don't. but she's so damn clingy even if i piss her off all the time, which usually happens. she won't take her shit and leave. thats what i can't figure out. she loves me sooo much she's made dumping her impossible. trust me i've tried more then once. her problem is she thinks shes mature when she's really not. and now when i tell her i really don't wanna get married, she throws a shit fit, but still won't leave.
OK, so you want to split up but don't know how to do it right? Is that what this really comes down to?
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Originally Posted by Kodiak450r View Post
i wasn't referring to gay marriage. referring to straight marriage. i just don't see the point in either case, and wanna know if i'm the only one who feels you don't have to be married to be with someone for a long term relationship/have a house and a kid.
by that logic then there isn't any more use in having a last and first name either- i mean you are who you are and your parents are who you know them to be; thus no need for a piece of paper to assure you of it right?

it is OK to want to go against the grain. It is your right to do that. But as much as you may disagree with it it, it is a fact that you exist and are a product of certain social framework (a.k.a. society) which is controlled and managed through laws and regulations. And Having a family structure as intended by means of a marriage is the building block of the society which you are a product of....
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