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Originally Posted by darien99 View Post
You can use the 10% off coupons available just about everywhere though, right?
The coupons are 20% off one item, no coupon works on winches, compressors, tool carts, welders, etc that are not a coupon for that exact item. So no 20%off coupons, 15% off purchases over x amt, etc.
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I'd hit that
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I ordered the 12k one off the website and they had a coupon right on the homepage to get it for 299. Just double checked it and found it again. 299.99 with coupon 88975494

Shipping was 6.99
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Old January 27th, 2013, 12:55 AM   #63
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As far as the warranty return on the HF winch... I just bought a HF air compressor for my garage at home with the extended warranty on it (I always get extended warranties when available) but not with the intent to do the swap right at the end. That said, the manager actually told me to write the warranty expiration date on the side of my compressor so I could bring it in just before it expires to get a new one. This seems like a common and well known practice. If the execs had a serious problem with it, I'm sure it would be more strongly discouraged. HF banks on selling massive amounts of their junk that doesn't come with a warranty, so when they do the warranty exchanges it doesn't really hurt them as much. In fact it brings customers back to the store where they are more likely to buy more junk. I agree that this practice would run a mom and pop shop out of business, and I have no intention to do the exchange but I don't necessarily look down on somebody that follows the directions of the person that sold them the item.
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Old January 27th, 2013, 03:21 AM   #64
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Screw it! I need a winch, and for my first one it sounds like HF will take care of me. Why not?
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I think I am going to follow the same route when I get a winch. From the comments I have read it seems like you can't beat it for the price. I will probably end up putting one on each end when I get my rig ready for it.
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Old March 11th, 2013, 07:42 AM   #66
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Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by slvrlake survivor View Post
just another thing to think about, but you can get the smitty built XRC8 for less than the price of the harbor freight winch. I paid $290 with a free winch cover on ebay from truckaddons. Its been great on my XJ, my buddy had had the XRC8 on his YJ for years now and its plenty strong enough, i have seen him winch directly to the right of his winch and pull the jeep up on its side when he fell thru the ice (the winch was also under water). Its a great winch for the price and at least then your buying brand name. You wont be let down by its pulling power, plenty enough power for a YJ
I have seen many many xrc8's fail. Beefy has gone through half a dozen of them. I personally took a brand new one out of the box to install it for a customer and it didn't work right out of the box new. I had to take it apart and wire it. The solenoids were wired wrong from the factory.
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Originally Posted by snboarder113 View Post
I work there, quit your whining. Thats why the system is there. The extended 2 year warranty which is a PRODUCT you pay for by itself, covers any accidental damage, any malfunction, almost anything- I wouldnt walk in and tell us you personally took a sledge hammer to it, but thats pretty much it. Plus the store still makes money off of it, so we have no issues swapping them every 2 years because they were "dropped" or they "started pulling slowly" etc. Thats the great thing about our warranty in comparison to competitors is if you get that warranty, you are actually covered, ive never seen anyone turned down or away for a warranty replacement item. If you use a screwdriver as a prybar and snap it in half, would you not bring it in to get it swapped out for free under the Pittsburg lifetime warranty? You get what you pay for, and when you pay to be covered, you're covered.

As far as why the 12k comes back-
Burnt out motor- said started winching slowly and started to give up
Snapped release handle- didn't feel like explaining that
Rust/mud/crap worked its way into the gears
Broken plastic electrical boxes

I've seen some that are just beat to hell and still running, its a good product.
Haven't had one come back (to my store at least) snapped or any kind of catastrophic malfunction.
Local tow businesses use them on their trucks for recovery, they're a damn good product for the price (keep in mind MSRP on it is $500 not 299, normal sale price is 399)

The best price ever offered on the 12000 # Winch is $299 with a coupon code you can get from the website and write it down and go buy it in the store. YES YOU NEED THE COUPON CODE. The current coupon code is not active for much longer- if it even still is? - but the 299 price will be back for the January Blow out sale, check your ad.

Also, everyone seems happy with the wireless remote, item number 69229. On sale right now as well for 24.99

Rob, I sent you a PM.

And to clear up confusion- The new badlands winch, is WAAAY better than the old chicago electric ones, or the ones with Green/ Camo paint.
Screwdrivers are not covered when used as a pry bar. Just an FYI
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Neither are slide hammers since they are not a hand tool.
Not sure how to use it without my hands.
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