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The Pub A friendly forum where everybody is nice, and will answer any questions you have about life.

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Old February 28th, 2013, 08:53 PM   #121
Christmas Cookie
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this should put it all together

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I like this one...

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Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
I also do not give a crap about what you guys think of me. I know who i am and what i want to be. I probably wouldnt be such a negative person on this site if the few guys on this site werent such dick heads. Its always the same guys picking on everyone.. that says something right there. Ive got way to much to look forward to in my life with my little girl to worry about all these immature people trying to bring me down by bringing up the shit it my past that i dont care to think about.
Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
Wasnt meant towards everyone. Ive read of you wheeling. What i meant was it seems like all the people that start crap on this site dont even wheel anymore.
So you say it's the same guys? I haven't been a member here long enough to fall into that category. Who is picking on you? Outside of poking people for giggles I see little to no harassment on this forum. I do see a lot of the truth and people telling others when they our out of line or being an idiot. Also people voice their opinions which are often not popular. The right to do this is/was defended by many brave men and women.

However, every once in a while somebody comes along with such an outlandish statement that everyone says fukc you. You got that. Why? Because as much as you woul like to think you were not, you were way put of line. Once told that you started to fight for air and grab anything you could to survive. Your past got brought up because you showed that you are the same person you were then. I know I know, at this point you are thinking of a rebuttal. Stop. Just drop it. You're in the wrong be a man and suck It up. Show people you aren't the same fukc up.

What does wheeling have to do with anything?????

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Coyote Red
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Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
Ethug... and your not a Marine either so who the hell do you think you are dude? Just back off off and go waste your time elsewhere.
Originally Posted by SS View Post
Was I a Marine? No. I wasn't. I was a soldier.

Unlike you I actually served side by side with them in Iraq. You get to know people a hell of a lot better over there than hanging out with them at the mall.

What did you do?

Oh that's right. A recruiter was your buddy for a while until he found out you're a fucking thief and a liar and the Corps told you to fukc off and rightfully so.

Shut your fucking mouth.
Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
Lol its funny how none of you are ever seen out at the mounds or any other event. It seems like all the people that actually do wheel arent douchebags on this site. Id rather have the past i have amd the life i have then be one of you miserble fucks that sit on the interent and try to be hadasses... haha pretty pathetic lives
Originally Posted by tsaguy View Post
Ethug much?

I'm not miserable, I enjoy my life. I am a dick in real life too. I haven't wheeled since 2009, and it doesn't make me less of a man. Just like wheeling doesn't make you more of a man.

Pretty pathetic life? Let's have a challenge dear AJ, next time you are near the Mounds and finish up a great day of being a man, get a hold of me and we'll go for a meal. And by learning about me face to face, you will be better qualified to make a judgement on me and my pathetic life.
Originally Posted by SS View Post

At this point you have completely abandoned your argument and are now just flailing about wildly.

Just shut the fukc up.
Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
You ladies sure make for a good laugh
Why post this? you look like a tool that has run out of cognitive things to say.

Originally Posted by Jiveturkey3 View Post
What does wheeling have to do with anything?????
I too am confused as to why he keeps bringing this up.

AJ, if people are so mean here stop logging back in. At the very least stop posting in the pub. You chose to come into the lion's den with your meat curtain flapping in the wind and you got bit. If you have nothing to prove here continue to wheel with people who like you and stop trying to make posts in here. You say that 90% of the people here have never meet you all they have to judge you on is your past and posts. If you want to stay here stop making posts like the yellow quotes. If you have accepted your past and are better than that now prove it. Stop acting like a whinny bitch when ever someone makes a comment. The bigger man is not always the one who get the last word but rather the one who is smart enough to walk away from an argument and not look stupid.

Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
meet the new AJ, same as the old AJ
^^^^ As of right now you have not changed and will continue to be judged as so.

Oh look a post with out slander or name calling AJ. I am pretty sure you will tell me to fukc off and that I don't wheel or that I don't know you or that I am pathetic or that everyone here is a dick bag, but don't. Just stop and let this thread die and try to save a little face.
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