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Default Dodge Dakota 5.9L losing power on accel, Please HELP!!!!

I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota with the 5.9L. I'm having a strange issue I need some help figuring out. It had an issue with smoking profusely and burning oil originally and I found the intake pan gasket blown out. I replaced the intake gaskets and it ran great then started losing power. Now it barely gets out of its own way and bogs out on accel. Runs fine most of the time when it is not in gear with no misfires (still bogs intermittently), the issue is the worst when in gear. The trans used to shift normal but now its sluggish and struggles but I suspect thats due to the engine driveability issue. I've monitored PIDs with my scan tool but some things don't add up. Here is the list of the PIDs I've monitored:

1. IAT and ECT read correctly and match each other after a cold soak.
2. TPv normal sweep and no abnormal spikes.
3. MAP reads atmospheric pressure KOEO and a normal drop with the engine running.
4. Fuel Trims: short and long both read +/- 5 at an idle. short continues to read normal at elevated RPM (2500 RPM) but long term reads -26 which is odd since its showing rich and taking away fuel.
5. Oxygen sensor switching normal but drops lean .2v on average at elevated RPM which is the opposite of what the long term trims are reading and is consistent with the condition of the spark plugs. The vehicle is leaning itself out.
Here are some other tests I've done also:
1. Fuel pressure 45 psi steady at idle and under load no drop.
2.. Engine vacuum 19-20" inches steady at an idle (also checked for any vacuum from the dipstick tube with both the PCV and crankcase breather blocked off in case I had another intake gasket leak pulling from the crankcase).
3.. Removed the catalytic converter and replaced the muffler to eliminate a restricted exhaust.
4. Spark plugs, wires, cap, and rotor replaced.
5. Coolant level good and does not drop.
6. Fuel quality (visual sample no contamination, almost clear and very flammable no fuel change before/after concern occurred).\
7. Injectors replaced with no change.
8. Blocked off the vacuum sources to the intake manifold except for the brake booster, brakes work fine.

Now with all of that, any ideas on what this might be? I'm at a loss. I've eliminated almost everything I can think of. The PCM was also relplaced a few months prior to this but for the dreaded P0605 code the Dakotas get. No codes currently. I'm not sure why the long term fuel trims show negative/rich under load but the oxygen sensor is reading lean. It feels like it is leaning out during the event. One other weird issue is that it smokes rich on startup (smoke hangs not the typical condensation/carbon smoke from the exhaust when cold) when it warms up its fine no smoke.
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No pinched wires or loose connections? Are you sure you have the firing order correct?
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When you pulled the intake, and replaced the pan gasket, was all of the gasket still with the intake?
Pieces of mine had broken off and went somewhere. The motor was sluggish for the first 50 miles or so after the gasket change, but kind of all on its own it "surged" and then everything was fine. Maybe some of that old gasket went somewhere it was not supposed to.
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Thanks for the advise. I double checked the firing order and we are good there. I didn't find any pinched wires. The old gasket was missing in sections so it is possible they may have migrated. I did find something with the MAP sensor I"m going to dig into further. I monitored the MAP voltage with a DVOM versus the filtered PID data and I found some abnormal readings. The voltage wasn't increasing like it should during WOT snaps. In some cases it would go up to 3.5v or greater but there were times that it would stay low around 1.3 and in some cases dropping down to .9v. I'm going to swap the MAP sensor tomorrow to see how it goes. Thanks again.
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