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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
And I say that the conservative judges are just as likely to do that.

The Patriot act was a conservative idea.

Funny how those that believe in Civil Liberties are often Liberals and that they somehow would limit civil liberties.
Pete's right they are just as likely. The conservative majority just last week incorporated the second amendment and took power away from the states. Very similar to the way they took the power away from the states with Roe v wade. Most support one or the other but both are power grabs by a central authority.

You cannot trust anyone with power, ever. Tyranny is coming from both sides of the isle in DC. It doesn't matter who has the majority or who passed which bill. Your liberties are being taken away by both.

It is human nature to try and take more power when you are in a position to take it. It will never change, and the founding fathers knew that because they understood history. That is why they built this nation on the premise of a weak central government. The strongest power was to be in the hands of the people directly, with a very weak central authority. That foundation is being eroded by both parties and by nearly every elected official since before the civil war.

Both parties continue to create more government. We will eventually have a centrally planned nation and it will fail, just as every centrally planned nation has failed throughout history. More government won't fix anything but will only continue to make you into a slave to the powers that be. Until the people who vote for both parties realize that and begin to take back power from the government regardless of party affiliation, then we will continue to follow the road to serfdom.

Wake up, see the chains around your ankles, how do they feel?
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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
Living with biased blinders on must be awful, I am glad I am not in your shoes.
biased blinders? I'm not following you?
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