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one of these days i'll sit down and tell you about some of the fucked up shit we did while we where over here..just to entertain ourselves. ..imagine this ....nothing like going on a shitty mission...seeing something sick that grinds against your very moral fiber..then returning to base and having nothing to do but think about it until the next time you go back to work..they say combat is 90% boredom 5% busy work and 5% actual bullets flying for you average soldier. somewhere somehow you have to deal with it and get on with life..otherwise you bring it home and then everyone at home suffers..(remember the 7 or 8 wives who died at Fort bragg early in the war on terror, after their husbands returned home from combat in Afghanistan?)..

i am willing to wager that something similar happened during a not so boring moment of combat that these guys recently mission as they are coming down off the adrenaline and they begin to deal w/ what they saw or did...somehow they decide to recreate whatever they saw..hence this fuked video....its really just a way of coping.

please note...i am not giving an end all excuse for soldiers out there..there are plenty of useless shitheads running around doing stupid shit just for the fun of it. so that possibiility still exists.. this concept just struck a cord since we regularly had to deal with yelping lil puppies giving away our hide sites. on the flip side i have great stroy to tell about the quietest adopted sniper /recon dog ever. got pictures of her here somewhee too..
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