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just a note..not trying to jump anybodys shit here ...

unfortunately, them lil things do die in is natural they dont know how to shut the hell up..and its either them draw attn to your position or you off the lil shit and worry about it is natural the soldier needs to mentaly deal with shit like that post mission.. in combat ussualy by making fun of it. (i didnt watch the vid.*just read you alls cliff notes).. one of the members of our sniper section had to off a puppy while on a mission one this day we still address him as "lassie's super secret sniper killer" and we had a good bit of fun with it while his favor though he humped that dead dog on his ruck back to camp where we gave it a proper burial.

sick shit happens....... soldiers find odd ways to deal w/ in the boredom of combat..
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