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So I had mailed him also just to see what his scam was. I received the same mail as above. So I mailed back......

Great, sounds easier then I had hoped, I'm in michigan right now on a job, but live in Vegas. Am I able to just go down and pick up? If so how soon after payment, also any chance of a test drive prior to full payment. I understand if a deposit is needed. Thanks.........

Then I got this mail from him..........

The Jeep is located in Las Vegas Nevada as I already told you and if
you can be here anytime soon to pay with cash and pick it up you're
welcome, if not I'll just ship it to your address at no extra cost for
you and only if you like it you'll purchase it and I will get paid at
that time. Of course you'll see it and take it for a test drive first
and only after that if you're satisfied with it you'll buy it. This is
how it works. I will initiate the transaction using the terms below and
your details for shipping. Yahoo Autos will contact you with further
instructions about what you need to do. You will send the funds in
escrow to Yahoo Autos. They will hold in trust the funds and advise me
to ship to your address. You will get the Jeep and test drive it,
inspect it etc for 3 days. After that you will have to confirm with
Yahoo Autos that you like it and I will get paid at that time. If you
don't like it you will get your money back in full and I will get my
car back and try to find another possible buyer. This will be at no
cost for you so it's your decision. If you're ok with that just send me
your details so I can initiate the transaction. I will need the
following details from you:

- your full name (first and last name)
- your shipping address (street, city, state, zip code)
- your contact phone number (home or cell)
- additionally you will have to sign up with Yahoo Autos and send me
your Yahoo ID (go to click Autos on the left side and
sign up)


Paul Sheckels
201 N Decatur Blvd Apt 11
Las Vegas NV 89107
(702) 425-4276

Kind of thru me for a loop when he said I could pay cash and pick it up, figure he must be offering to put me at ease, of course I'm sure we could never work out a date to meet lol due to schedules.
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