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Originally Posted by ttocsnekia View Post
You guys are fuckin retarded. Toivo is a "insert racial slur here" . I am friends with Tommy and it started as a joke. He is going to school to be a welder and was kidding, it's JU people. He does have a hi 9 in the rear, and actually wheels (unlike 90% of the people in this thread).
sorry i'll stop clicking my D60 webwheeling mouse, since i don't really wheel nor does Fullsize4life, wre just posers :miff:

See how i started that reply with the word S O R R Y!!!!! Thats what he should of followed up with when he was called out for claiming somebody elses work......

Originally Posted by ZTFab
I BUILT that housing for Jerry Allen's MDR race truck.

I've posted my pics on (where I'm a moderator), OFN, RDC, CustomTacos, and DR.

It's just sad that somebody would disrespect somebody else by claiming their work as their own. I put almost 70 hours in on that housing hand building every piece.

Whoever stole those pics, have a LOT to learn about life. Instead of spending all of your time on the internet making crap up, why don't you learn how to actually do some of this work and post pics of things that YOU'VE actually made with your hands.

It's just too bad that there are people like this. Can you imagine the type of crap that this guy would pull on a customer if he was in business?

What would he do if they brought him pics of MY work and asked him to make another one?

Thanks for all of the compliments and heads up that I got about this guy......what an idiot.

Apparently he's also posted my (and others I'm sure) work on I don't intend to do anything about what he's doing....if he continues doing things like this in life, he'll get what's coming to him.

- Paul

i bet he thinks its a funny joke to
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