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Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post
It is not hard at all. Let me see if I can find my write up on splitting our KX cases...

Oops - my writeup was for after the cases were split:

I used a gear puller and it worked okay - I own the puller now. You want to bring you cases to canton this weekend we can knock it out. The most imortant thing is to have a puller that you can thread into the case. Also, some kawasakis put the main seals in before the bearing, so if you have everything apart - you should replace those too.

Yeah, I plan to go through the entire lower end....all the seals, mains, possibly rod bearing if it needs it when I measure play, shift forks if bent, etc.

After reading through your link, it doesn't sound that hard at all really. I think I'm going to buy the puller you linked to in that thread - I might as well, being done (almost) with school now, and having a job lined up, I plan to aquire many more two wheeled vehicles in the future and will be rebuilding them all myself.

Thanks for the offer of knocking it out this weekend....I would take you up on it, except I'm up in big rapids and to get to canton would cost me more than just buying the damn puller lol....

One other quick question though - what did you seal the case halves with...anaerobic sealer?
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