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Originally Posted by 97xj View Post
With the number of new faces it is a good idea to talk about it for a bit

Here is a well known image on the web of recovery gone bad. It speaks a more than a 1000 words can. Look closely at it.

Holy Shit. That almost happened to me and my '98 K1500. Me and some friends were at a mud pit, at the time mine was completely stock and there was one hole that I was trying to avoid at all costs. Well mud is mud, and as fun as it can be it was being a bitch that night, got sucked right into it. Lucky enough there was another group of people and between us all we had more than enough lline to get the recovery vehicle out in the open where the traction was better. So here I am with a 7200lb full-sized truck being pulled from a hole by a quarter ton Tacoma. Attached to me was tow strap, a cheap NAPA strap, and a mooring 2in mooring line. Well the NAPA pos broke and the tow strap shot the hook through my rear window, bounced off of my head rest and left a huge bruise on the passenger. The only thing that I remembered was him yelling "look out!" hearing the glass break and getting bitch slapped by the frayed end of a nylon rope covered in mud and glass.

Luckily, we were both alright for the most part. He was bruised, I had a bloody face but my eyes (no protection) were fine, and coincidentally there was a nurse present. Of course it was close to freezing and we were a good two hours from home.

FYI EB Gray is an awesome heat insulator, but sucks in the road noise department.
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