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to actually help you:

Originally Posted by tsaguy View Post
what does it when I see the word 'bump' within a thread reply?
takes the thread to the top of the list so it doesnt get burried in posts.

What does 'lunch bump' mean?
probably someone "bumping" their post during lunchbreak

Is it sheaper to buy/perform/install mods on Jeeps than Chevys?
not a jeeper, but there's a helluva aftermarket, and half the time, what you want for a jeep is probably for sale used here in the classifieds.

Where can I find the Dummy's guide to gear ratios and what they mean?

Who is Bogginboy?
the local laughing stock... infamous for being a deadbeat in deals.

What is the history of the GreatLakes4x4?
not real educated myself

Should I go for a bigger suspension lift in order to get fat rollers beneath my truck, or should I do a body lift?
suspension if you can afford it.

When you replace IFS with a front axle/diff, where do you get it from? Can you just get a rear axle and use that?
well, if you want to be able to steer you have to use a front axle, and it has to have the differential on the same side as your front output on the transfer case.

good luck... with getting questions answered seriously... looks like you'll need it around here.
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