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Default Christian Reform???

OK, here is the scoop ...

I grew up going to church (Presbyterian) every Sunday, Sunday school, youth group, etc. I think the experiences and values were invaluable. When I moved away from home I did not go to church on my own accord and I started taking in interest in other world religions as far as philosophy, differences, etc. What I found was that Christians seemed the most judgemental and hypocrytical. Don't go getting all bent out of shape over these words ... it is just MY OPINION! God teaches us to love one another and forgive. However, why are organized religions so hell-bent (LOL!) on pointing fingers and trying to change people? My aunt is gay and my uncle's wife preaches to her all the time about changing. Why can't she be a good christian and accept her the way she is?

<steps off soapbox>

OK, so now we have a 1-year-old son and I want to expose him to religion in the form of Sunday school. However, being against "organized religion" and it's hypocritical practices, what do people think of the Christian Reform church? It seems a bit more "open" and non-judgemental.

Don't get me wrong ... I am not Aethiest or Agnostic. I believe in God and the we should treat each other with love and respect. My belief follows the general concept from the movie Stigmata. God is everywhere. You don't need to be a member of a financial organization to prove that you are faithful to him ...

Thoughts? Comments?

<flame suit on>
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