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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
71jeepster you may have a point, but we'll wait to see, my guess is as demand for deisel goes up so will the cost, I see no reason for cost to come down as demand goes up.

I'm not gonna say it will but that it should is a reasonable statement. The only reason it is higher is because not all stations carry it so that makes the one's that do charge more because it's sorta like a locked market. The demand for diesel went up when gas prices sky rocketed and everybody started buying diesel vehicles, until then diesel was always much cheaper then gas! As it should be since there is less refining that goes into it. If there were as many diesel pumps as gas pumps diesel would most definitely be cheaper.

Also, I don't see why they are having such a hard time getting light duty motors to meet epa requirements. They already did it to semi's starting in 2007 requiring them to all use ULSD instead of LSD. My truck actually runs, pulls and gets better mileage on the ULSD and it's an 06 so it don't have the stricter emissions on it that require the ULSD. If you notice most diesel pickups are coughing more of the black smoke then semi's do and they are hauling around 80k lbs of truck and trailer. I know that don't mean that the pickups aren't running clean but I don't think they are running as clean as the newer big truck engines. But I could be wrong on that part?
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