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Originally Posted by Grassman View Post
does any body with a excelent knowlege of diesels have an opinion on the 6.4? looking to buy this spring, but ford has really tarnished its rep with that p.o.s. 6.0.
i have a 03 7.3 and dont want to step down if the 6.4 turns out to be crap too. i will be leaving it stock for a lawn care puller and plowin truck. no offroad use.
The engine seems a little overly complex with the 2 turbo system, seperate cat converter just for the exhaust to the egr valve, the other cat converter and particulate filter. Also the injectors are under the valve covers which if you pop the hood you can't see any of the engine. If it does have injector problems out of warranty the repair bill will really hurt! Another thing I'm interested in is if this engine has a closed pcv system, which if the injectors leak fuel into the crank case and the oil/fuel goes up and into the pcv system and is put back into the turbo the engine will overspeed and explode. I still have not found any information about the pcv system yet. I talked to a couple of people that bought the 6.4 and they all complained about low fuel economy. I would probably wait a while and see if any major problems pop up with this engine before I would spend that kind of money on the truck.
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