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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
If that is the case it does cancel out that argument. I still am not sold that john Q public is ready for a diesel truck....The mileage argument is the most valid argument, but look at how hard it is to get the average consumer to buy a hybrid....Now make this person purchase a stinky smelly fuel that is harder to find then gas and costs more......

I agree, its damn hard to find a diesel pump in some states. We had a hard time on our way to Nashville to fill up. Funny thing was fueling up the CRD Libbys, and having guys driving Dmax and Cummins coming up to us to ask us why we were at the diesel pump.:tonka:

People who buy a deisel F150 will do so for mileage and towing. I see a lot of F150 towing boats, campers, sleds. I'm sure if the upgrade isn't a shit ton of $$$ those same guys would spring for a diesel. Especially if it's quiet like the new Cummins or Dmax, so you can order drive thru food with the motor running. But you wont see the guys who bought a VW TDI for fuel mileage go out and buy a F150 for fuel mileage. Going to be a cool truck when it does come out.

Just my $.02.
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