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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
If that is the case it does cancel out that argument. I still am not sold that john Q public is ready for a diesel truck....The mileage argument is the most valid argument, but look at how hard it is to get the average consumer to buy a hybrid....Now make this person purchase a stinky smelly fuel that is harder to find then gas and costs more......

71jeepster you may have a point, but we'll wait to see, my guess is as demand for deisel goes up so will the cost, I see no reason for cost to come down as demand goes up.
I don't say any of it because its my opinion, its not. I'm just stating the truth, the industry has decided its time to relaunch.

When I look at what I'm seeing, chevys, fords, dodges, cadillacs, nissans, toyotas, mercedes, vw, bmw, hyundai, and more, we are working on diesel programs with all of them. This isn't work trucks, these are cars and light duty SUVs and 1/2 tons. This is a) demand by consumers for mileage, and b) necessity to get cafe numbers.
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