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Originally Posted by slvr98svt View Post
Again Bones is right in the fact that you totally failed to notice whats really going on here. You thought that comparing a 5.9 chummins to a 2.0 VW is some how going to justify not putting larger displacement motors in a freakin TRUCK!

But anyway, why don't you listen to the Ford engineer that sits in front of the motor everyday that is actually going in the 2010 F150...

....continue arguing mute points!

I discussed the VW motor because Americans primary experience are with medium duty diesels stuffed into light duty vehicles. They think every diesel will run 600k miles and has high maintenence costs. Thats not true. I could have said the 2.8 VM Motori, or the 3.0 bluetec or whatever.

Why don't I listen to him? I do, if he makes sense, its Lothos I don't listen to :tonka: But when we are the company acutally designing the engine controls for half of the new diesels coming out, I don't need to talk to a calibration engineer at an OEM for info.
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