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Originally Posted by UP_ROKTOY View Post
based on you knowing and me not knowing, duh, everybody knows and can clearly tell by this thread alone you know everything and no one should question you.

How about based on the number of 3/4 and 1 ton trucks that are still gas because people still don't love diesels?

How about based on the difficulty in making sure you pull into a gas station that will actually have diesel?

How about based on the fact that diesel fuel is nearly 50 cents to a dollar more per gallon?

How about based on the fact the diesel engine will cost a shit ton more?

How about based on the fact the diesel liberty's and Grands are so common and sold so well I have only seen 2 libby's that were diesel driving around and I LOOK for them?

I won't argue that diesels can produce better power and be more efficient, but I will argue that I don't think the average consumer wants a diesel engine, diesel smell (when fueling), diesel maintenance, diesel expense, etc.

the fact that diesel cost more per gallon is due to demand! Up until a few years ago when everyone started buying diesels it was always cheaper. It takes less refining to make diesel vs. gasoline therefore it should be cheaper. But they don't make as much and don't have it in as many gas stations so that makes it cost more since the demand went up. If they put more diesel vehicles into use along with more pumps to get the diesel at the price will come down and with the better mileage that is capable this will not be unheard of!
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