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Originally Posted by KartRacer View Post

Gassers may get the mileage, but they don't maintain that mileage under load as well as a diesel. Also, talking money at the pump, some people obviously pay more upfront for a vehicle to spend less to operate. Take into consideration interest rates on auto loans compared to credit cards.
I don't disagree with you one bit, but Jesus argues these trucks will not be used for work they will be used only to get better mileage.....

My truck can get 20 mpg empty, 9 mpg with my jeep on the trailer. There is no arguing that a diesel will drop less then my gasser does.

Originally Posted by highrisetj View Post
OBVIOUSLY, when you modify a vehical parts wear faster! Vehicals are built to handle what they come from the factory with. keeping a vehical stock will last you alot longer than modifying! also with a bigger motor thay arnt going to put smaller parts on it! they are going to put parts on it that are able to with stand the weight and power. a diesel will outlive a gaser in all ways!!

I said nothing about modifying the truck dude.

So you're telling me the diesel 3/4 tons and 1 tons get different parts then the gas trucks with lgihter motors? And the half tons will too?

Originally Posted by Lothos View Post
Mileage set target point is 35-40mpg for the diesel f150.
That WILL certainly change the argument, but I am not buying it quite frankly. The aveo doesnt get 40 mpg with all the emissions crap they bolt on to it.....Hell the Jetta and Bug barely get that with their little a pick up will?

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