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Resale Value, have any of you guys actually looked at resale value on used trucks?

The diesel does not really hold it's value much more then a gasser, it really doesn't. It just starts out that much more expensive.

Take a 40k gasser and a 46k diesel. 5 years later the diesel gets 20k the gasser 14k. The diesel held about 5% more of its value, big deal.

Now those are numbers I pulled out of my ass, but the point is I shopped used trucks like crazy in the fall and really didnt see the diesel retaining THAT much more of it's value to be perfectly honest.

Now some closedminded people may read my comments and think I am anti Diesel, I am not.

Show me the cost justification of the mileage a diesel can't.

Show me the average joe wanting a diesel, you can't.

Show me the diesel being more can.

So no Jesus , the view of people on this board is not skewed, but currently the diesels only advantage is power. Yes it gets better mileage, but the cost to purchase, operate, and fuel a deisel even with the added mpg's it can't be done.
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