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Originally Posted by 0llllll0 View Post
I know this post is a few months old but the DNR web site

now states:

"Forest Roads: Hard-surfaced roads, gravel and dirt roads, and other routes that can be traveled by a conventional 2-wheel-drive vehicle designed for highway use (passenger car). Forest roads include fire lanes and logging roads. Forest roads do not include any state, federal, or county highways or roads. In general, forest road means a road other than a county or state road on which a family car can operate without assistance.

Designated ORV Trail: Designated paths or ways that can only be traveled by vehicles that are less than 50 inches in width. An ORV license is required."
Once again the DNR is making statements that do not reflect what is currently in practice on the ground. For example, In West Branch there are many trails we went on @ SnoFari that were marked ORV Trail but were clearly wide enough for full size vehicles. And some that were not.
TYhere are plenty of cotradicting examples that can be used to refute any citation that might be issued.
I think the general statement that unlicensed vehicles are allowed to travel down those trails would be more correct. ORV Routes that are designated to fit full size vehicles allow us to use 4WD as you can not otherwise. In nearly 99% of the time the vehicles that use Routes are already street licensed. A few of the Razor/Rhino breed of vehicles will also use these as fitting down a quad trail is normally no fun if you can't drive it @ Mach 8.

So has the DNR updated the “Land use Rules” , since the earlier posts, to clarify this or is it that the “Forest Road” definition trumps the Signed Designated ORV Trails ?

Also, I have seen several posts regarding a letter the DNR sent to GLFWDA regarding slippery road conditions and the use of 4 wheel drive, but I have not seen the letter. Can someone post the letter?
Thanks for bringing that up again Ken, yohoo, Mr. B...........Could you please bring in the boxes of material so that I may go through them to try and find the letter.
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