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Originally Posted by farm_boy View Post
ok update is that the parents kwone thay toke it well i am workinmg two jobs and sold my jeeps got a 500 dollor truck s10 to drive and trying to make money to pay for the kid and rent need a place to live working 2nd on hillside farm also feeding calves and beding cows for dad 4 to9 am and then 2 to 12 pm
Farm Boy, your doing right.

I was in a very similiar situation 15 years ago. She was just 18 as was I. We are now divorced, but I have two children, 15 and 12. Believe me it was and still is tough, nothing I have done has tested me like being a parent. There is no reward without great trial, and yes it is worth every once of struggle. Trust me on this, you will not regret having a kid.

My kids both love to wheel, they travel with me, both help work on the Jeep, pack for our wheelin trips. When we get there they help on the trail; guide traffic, run for parts and tools, make lunch and help clean up. My son, he is a carbon copy of his old man, (scares the shit out of me) His tastes are getting very expensive, he has a fine taste in offroad parts and fabrication. My daughter, well, she tests every boundry that I set for her, pushs everything and every one to the limits, and tries to find the weak spots. Testing everything, always. She tries me more than anything or anyone ever has. I would not trade them for anything, nothing. Trials and tests aside, they made me who I am today, I am proud of my "mistake" as others called it, man up and you will be too.

In short, they are my world.

Congrats on your future,

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