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Originally Posted by Sandals View Post
Lamiate = teh suck... go for an engineered veneer flooring (some will also call it laminate)
I put down ~ 280sq feet of Bruce engineered floor this weekend. Nice and easy, just used alot of flooring staples lol.
The engineered is actual wood not MDF with a sticker on top (pergo) If this finish gets messed i can sand and refinish. It was the cheaper stuff so color consistency is not there between the boxs like some of the more pricey, but it went in spare bedrooms so i wasn't too concerned.
I think I have her convinced to not go with the thin laminates like pergo due to the chipping/scratching issue, and the horror stories a quick google search brings up.

Bruce Engineered would be the brand name? Big box carrier of it? *edit never mind, my lazy ass googled it.

after 8+ years in the house I also just discovered that she really doesn't like narrow plank hardwoods, and instead prefers wide plank


I have this bad feeling that my toy budget/nest egg is going to go towards completly gutting the flooring in said areas and replacing with all new hardwoods...

Stan only does carpet right? Anyone else in the floor covering trades have a ballpark for me to budget at? Interested in making arrangements to write up a formal bid?

I honestly would prefer to just wait a couple of years until the kids are done chucking hotwheels at each other/me, and/or spilling crap everywhere and replace all the flooring in the house at once, but apparently this past weekend's cleaning efforts brought the issue to a head again...
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