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My ex tried really hard to use the same thing against me in court. I had to sit on the stand and defend every purchase ever made for the Jeep. In the end, it didn't have any effect on anything else but it did catch me off guard to have his attorney, out of the blue start asking me how much money I've spent on the Jeep. I explained that we all love to camp and spend time out in the woods. We geocache and trail ride and I feel strongly that getting the kids out in the woods for fresh air and exercise is very important. We believe strongly in the tread lightly philosophy and we make sure to haul out any trash we come across on the trail.
Part of my "expenses" on the Jeep have been free. We trade work, do favors etc and my ex's attorney tried to make it look like that couldn't possibly be the case. I explained to the judge that in general, jeep people are a tight knit group, we help each other out, we park next to other in parking lots and at that point I was starting to stammer since I was SO pissed that they were trying to use my choice of vehicles and hobbies to show that I was a bad parent and I threw my hands up in the air and told the Judge that I hated to sound cliched but it's a Jeep thing! The Judge actually laughed and said he got it. HAH!

If you want to talk to me more about this, I'd prefer to keep it off the boards and you may want to consider doing the same. PM me and I'll get you my phone number and I'll give you any advice that I can. It was a long, expensive trip but I said all along, when it's all said and done, if I have my kids and no money that is all that matters. I'm broke and I have my's all that matters.

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