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Originally Posted by Icebreaker88 View Post
Always inspect the tow points of the rig pulling you out also. NEVER trust the other rig unless you see it. I learned this the hard way. All I will say is my wife spent 2 hours in surgery because a tow point broke off, the strap and the shackle came through the windshield of my truck. Luckily only the strap hit her.

Holy shit she is lucky!!!! there are not to many good stories resulting in strap contact. I have seen tow points brake off go threw a tailgate on a blazer and through the back seat luckily no one was hurt.

Another good practice is to make sure you are standing in safe locations while people are poulling others out. you are still in danger even as a spectator. I have seen objects fly great distances with great force.

If You have to get jerked or jerk another vehicle hard it is also good practice to lean over so you are below the windshield to help avoid contact if something should come through the window due to a strap braking.

Ok one more than im done....Never hook up to one spot on a rig and than through both front or rear tow points and back to the rig pulling... for example making a triangle with the strap, under a load the strap will want to pull tight and straighten out resulting in one of the tow points to brake and act like a sling shot seen it at silver lake about 4 years ago bad bad situation. always pull with the strap single lined and straight.

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