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Originally Posted by Mikey1258 View Post

Picketing against any group-LAMBE!
Twisting the words of the bible-BAD!!
Pastors leading homosexuals to God-Questionable!!!

A few years back in Spring Lake, Mi. A christian reformed church got the boot from the main christian reformed church governing body. It was all over accepting homosexuals into the church, and the toleration of their beliefs and practices.
My question is, does god differentiate betwen the "born gays" and the "I wanna put it in yer butt this week gays". Seems like the first have better ground than the latter. IMHO
Good luck; I think, to the fags.
God bless us all!!
Yeah, the same thing is happening in the United Methodist church right now. Kind of. It's more on letting homosexuals be Pastors. I'm not even sure on were I stand on that one. It's sad, and just one way Satan is using differences, and sin, to rip apart the body of Christ

I don't see why this would be questionable? They are still children of God. Like what The pastor said in the Sermon, the sin of Homosexuality was not the only sin listed when it's braught up. Adultery is one of those sins and I know plenty of Men that struggle with Porn. SHould it be questionable to bring them to God as well?

LIke I said before, I don't think he sees any difference. All he sees is one of his Creations that is in Sin. Just like you or I. The difference is what do you (or I) Live for. I can honestly say that if those people living for God then they would let him work in thier life to get rid of that sin. Just like any sin.

I'm not trying to sound condeming or condecending or anything. I'm just figuring out what you guys (or Guy in this case) think.
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