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This cat theology has many holes which Genesis 1 does not fully cover. Obviously, in the 3rd verse, Ceiling cat, being hailed as the creator, asked if he could have light, and therefore was granted light. In analysis of this statement, it would appear there is yet another divine entity to which Ceiling Cat has no knowledge of, yet this other being seems to be the supreme creator.

There is clear evidence, as pointed out on, that there is an ongoing struggle with Cats and Walruses over a bucket. Now, tracing back the time line, it seems at one time Ceiling Cat took a bucket that the almighty Lolrus once dearly loved, and since then Cats and Walruses alike have been lowly animals without much mental capability. This furthers the evidence that there is a more supreme creator, as they were able to strip away their divine, perhaps Ceiling Cat was only an Angel.

Interestingly enough, this story reflects the struggle of man since Adam and Eve, and original sin.

The bucket, or to us humans, the devil and sin, represents temptation, which the cat could not refuse. The walrus, driven mad by desire, sought only revenge upon ceiling cat.

So, the question remains - which came first? Our stories mirror each other, man and sin, cats and buckets. Is it that this supreme creator made cats intelligent first, only then to realize his mistake that quad-pedal felines are not the superior being, and decided to create man, a hairless bipedal mammal with a large brain in his figure.


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