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So what's the down side? This sounds pretty good:

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
Link and text.

Department to submit a
comprehensive plan to expand the current ORV trail mileage by at least 25%, or 796 miles, over
the next four years. The Section 807 report was issued June 2006 and focused on upgrades of
the existing designated ORV system to meet maintenance standards, and it also cited several
opportunities for growth beyond the traditional boundaries of the state forest lands and onto
lands managed by local units of government or private lands. <-Excellent

It is the Department’s intent to
continue to maintain the trail system at a good or higher level. This can be accomplished
through the increased use of annual maintenance grants to complete trail brushing,
signing and grading, or through contracts. <-Excellent

4. Currently, ORV clubs complete trail maintenance through a grant program with the
Department. Where deficiencies in trail maintenance are discovered, the Department will
work with trail sponsors in an effort to correct the problem prior to accessing penalties. <-Hmm this could be an insurance issue

1. The Department will provide improved ORV trail maps by making accurate Global
Position System (GPS) maps available to the public through the Department’s website on
the internet. This mapping system will be updated as new trails are developed and
existing trails are rerouted or closed. <-guess this could suck.

1. The Department will maintain “the closed unless posted open<-and this sucks too.

management approach in
the Lower Peninsula, with consideration for additional area, trail and route designations,
to link trails and communities together.

1. The Department recognizes the need to expand riding opportunities to meet increasing
demand. Expansion will be accomplished through partnerships with trail advocates,
other public agencies and the private sector.

13. The Department will pursue acquisition of an available abandoned rail corridor in the
West Upper Peninsula that directly connects Michigan’s Iron River to Marinesco Route
to the designated Wisconsin ORV trail system. This would open hundreds of miles of
new riding opportunities for residents of both states. <-This is pretty cool.

Events on State-owned Land:
1. The Department will evaluate Event Permit Applications for motorized trail events on the
designated ORV trail system and forest roads. In general, the Department supports these
and will evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. <-Ok concession.

5. The Department will review and update the existing ORV Education video tape and
provide it to any interested partners and user groups including Hunter Education courses,
to promote legal ORV riding.
6. The Department will work with ORV manufacturers and dealers as a partner in an effort
to utilize posters and billboards to promote the theme. The use of billboards in strategic
locations is another important opportunity to get the message out to the public that illegal
ORV use is unacceptable. <-Could be good as long as it doesn't mis-portray responsible ORV use.
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