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Sorry to barge in here folks!

I'm a local in the Soo who has wheeled the area in question several times.
In my opinion the trails there are second to non as Griz stated,I have watched this guy wheel his jeep and to say he is skilled and his jeep works well would be an understatement. It also one of the smaller rigs and is amazing how well it tackles the terrain there.

One would be wise to go on a guided tour with Griz, Curly, Q and others that wheel there often as they were there almost from the beginning and know their shit! They'll make impossible look easy.

It is true that in the past some have indulged in many beverages and "tobaccoes" of sort but that is their business and not anyone elses. This isn't focused on one group or one person at any time.The owners and operaters are not idiots and would never allow anything to get outta hand. Moderation is key and if exceeded or the safety of others is compromised I'm sure Curly or Charlene would intervene! Adults should remain and act as adults.
The fact the terrain is insane should not discourage, if your tires are too small for something there then try harder or go around.

Beating your rigs is your choice and is never caused by the terrain or obstacles. If you think your in trouble stop ,rethink and make a decision to avoid , continue or choose to go around.

As Griz explained earlier this area is hardcore and not for the novice wheeler but I don't think he was saying anyones rigs were not capable or shooting down or questioning anybody's driving skills. If you choose to wheel there it will be an eye opener I guarantee, no-matter how much experience you may have.

Also! Congrats to legal ownership of the property. One would be wise to purchase the 257 acres around and behind for expansion. A call to A. Ross would work wonders. He is in a position to sell cheap right now.
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