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Originally Posted by ~(__^> View Post
Are you kidding me? Hittler would of been a better president then him.
you must be black.

Wow, just wow. You really need to look at a history book once in awhile. If you can't read, maybe I can introduce you to my parents who lived through the German occupation of Europe.

I normally do not care what people say in this section, and I care less about what some people say on this site. But this is really over the top.

You must really have slept through any school you ever attended to even think about comparing an American Congressman, someone who has been chosen to represent Americans by Americans to a monster such as Adolf Hitler.

Regardless of what party you belong to, regardless of what your personal beliefs are, these people running for the office of the President of the Untied States deserve at least some respect for taking on the single most thankless job in the world. I even respect G.W. Bush in this way as do most people I know.

I will stop rambling now since I am sure you will simply insult me for what I have said. But really, get a grip on your hatred and bigotry. It will not serve you well in life.
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