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Originally Posted by lbfin88 View Post
A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Hillary/Obama. That is how Bill Clinton was elected the first time. If it were not for Perot, I don't think Clinton would have won because he did not get a majority of the votes. So if you vote for Paul you'll allow Mrs. Clinton/Obama to be the next Pres. I surely do not want her in office, she's already talking about garnishing our wages to pay for health care. Compare her policies with those of the Socialist party and you'll find that they are almost the same.
I am not crazy about McCain but he is the lesser of two evils.
If all the conservatives had gotten behind one candidate I don't think McCain would have a chance either.
Between McCain and Bilery I'll take Ron Paul. Out of the three who would you like to see in office. I think you should vote for that person. Thats what I'm going to do I have quit voting for the lessor of the two evils since I don't want to give either of them my support. Ron Paul is a candidate I like and as such I have to give him my support. All of the cuurent incumbants should be voted out of office but the same no balls attitude as with not voting for Ron Paul will prevail. People will make all kinds of ficticious excuses to keep the Carl Levins and Jennifer Granholms in office.

Its truly is time for a revolution The Phantom

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