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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
Take a look at how many people on this site have said they want Ron Pual but will vote for some one else because they don't think he can win.
Thats a load of crap thats why we have the shit bags in office that we do. I hope Ron Paul runs because I will vote for him.
It would have been nice if more people would have taken him seriously rather than dismissing him off hand. I do not believe he will run as an independent, firstly because he says he hasn't, and part of his campaign is that he has a very clear record of following through on his word. If he wants to have a chance in the next election, he doesn't really want to piss off his voting base, many of whom will be voting for whomever the republican candidate is, and won't appreciate the votes being stolen.

I think he did many good things for this election that will stay with us for a while. He managed to get his word out via the Internet and get a decent base of supporters even without the extensive media coverage most of the other candidates received. He opened the door for more conservatives to speak out about their libertarian views. Even if he never gets elected, he can influence us to express our beliefs and keep the other candidates honest.
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