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Originally Posted by 87'YJ View Post

And just an FYI, most europeans and canadians still have PRIVATE healthcare insurance policies. The state run system is so horrible that many private companies are selling just as many policies there as they are here... only because their system sucks.

I'd like to comment on this because this is the one true problem I think public healthcare in the US would create.

Say healthcare were "Free". Right now, I pay about $150/month for a HMO to cover my wife and I. Now, just speculating, let's say the increase in taxes to cover healthcare and the money I save not having to pay for it cancel each other out (net cost to me is still $150/month but I pay the govenment instead of bluecross)

I will not go into how I think that my taxes would increase more than $150/month to support public healthcare, let's keep this simple.

Now, suppose I get sick enough to go to the doctor. I visit the public "clinic" and find I am number 187 and they are on number 16 for the day. As I look around, there are hundreds of people crowded in the waiting area; some with serious concerns like me, but some are there to get out of the cold, or to try to weasel some prescription meds or maybe since healthcare is free, hypochondriacs come out in droves. Well, shit. I'd better come back tomorrow before the clinic opens so I can get a good place in line.

Next day I arrive at 9am (business hours are 9am -11am and 12:30pm - 5 pm) to find a line of people lined up down the building and around the corner. I count heads as I walk to the end; damn, I am 45th in line. Come 10:45am, I luck out and only have two people in front of me before I can see the doctor. 11am comes, I have not had my turn yet and we all are informed the office closes from 11am - 12:30 pm for lunch. I stand there with my jaw dropped open and look in surprise at the line that has already re-formed outside by the people who have already learned how to deal with the new system. I go back outside and wait in the cold only to miss seeing the doctor before they close at 5pm.

Now, say I have gotten progressively worse these past two days and decide to go to an emergency room. Once I get there, it is no better than the clinic, but at least I can keep my place in line to see a doctor. It takes over 30 hours to see someone and by then my condition has deteriorated enough that I need to be admitted to the hospital for care. Well, the hospitial is past full because it was designed before public healthcare was mandated. Even the large medical centers designed for the extra burden of public healthcare are tied up in the design/building stages as there are not enough bids for the construction contracts that meet the budget.

So, I am placed on an army surplus cot donated by the Red Cross, this cot sits in one of the busy hallways, as there are no open rooms. In a few days, I recover well enough to go back to work, though now I have to do without the money I could've made for the 5 day I missed from my job.

Sitting at home, I reflect on my experience in the public healthcare system and decide than I had damn well better get some supplimental "private" insurance because I can't afford another run in with public healthcare. Well, I enroll in a private plan and have to end up paying $500/ month for the same healthcare I had before. Why so expensive?

I still have my co-pay, like before, except my employer no longer subsidizes my insurance, so I have to cover the whole cost, along with an additional tax the government levies for this "Luxury Service". Yes, an additional tax on me because I choose to have the "Luxury" of sufficient healthcare. An additional tax to bolster the failing, over-budget, public healthcare system.


I can appreciate people wanting public healthcare for the masses so the poor and the children and the elderly can get quality healthcare, but a public healthcare system is not the answer. A much better answer is to extend medicare coverage to provide care for those who cannot afford it. I would be happy to pay additional medicare taxes for an extension of that system.

It is very easy for someone like Moore to point out and highlight problems in our healthcare system, get many people riled up, then distance himself from any solution. Honestly, with the many movies Micheal Moore has made, with all the MILLIONS of dollars he has made, what has he done to help the "attrocities" he reports?
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