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Originally Posted by yellowjeeperman View Post
Thats how I feel about education. I shouldn't have to pay for your kids to go to public schools, but we'll leave this on topic with healthcare. Proceed. :tonka:
Excellent point to bring as another example for this argument that most would agree with, funding public schools

Originally Posted by steveo View Post
i pay for my own dam ins. i would like to beat michel moore until he has brain damage and loses all motor skills.

Ahh, I see another intelligent post by Steveo. Keep up the good work :miff:

I completely understand where he is coming from. I worked full time in college to be eligible for health care for the wife and I. Before that when we didn't have health care I would have to be dying in order to go to the doctors and at once I did go due to Pneumonia and that cost me $700 but atleast I didn't die

With so many lower education jobs getting shipped over seas we will see that obtaining health care is going to be a huge obstical for the uneducated class. It appears that most on this site has the opinion that they don't count and should just die. Thankfully I chose to better myself and attend college which helped me land a good job with good benefits. And luckily for myself God blessed me (or Mother Nature for you non-believers) with a brain that could get me through school.

There are always going to be those ditch diggers, burger flippers, and muke rakers in the world and they are who I am concerned about in the future. I am concerned because of the statements already made in this thread and I believe that since they are human they should atleast be treated like a human and not just left to die or don't derserve to live because they can't pay for health care.

The above statement does not include over weight people because that can be overcome.

I also think that everyone should have to take a piss test to get any sort of federal benefits now or in the future. I love the email that is passed around about the piss test. I have to take one to work to fund your welfare so you should atleast have to pass one to use my money that the government forced me to donante.

Interesting read so far.
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