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Default Ok question about Private property postings

So Noodles and I are out 2 tracking tonight.. we're on SEASONAL ROADS surrounded by STATE LAND.. So we come along this what looks to be an old logging trail. So we say alright looks cool.. so we start up through a nice lil pit at the beginning (it hit 66 degrees today so it was nice and muddy) Little tough, Noodles keeps on the trail while i wait at the beginning So i start down to my truck to come up onto the trail when this guy pulls up and i walked up to his truck and sai hi to him and the guy starts basicly SCREAMING at me telling me that's private property and We need to get the fukc out of there !! i was like alright man sorry (i wasnt about to start an argument with an angry old man in the middle of the woods) so anyway there were NO posting of the no tresspassing or Private property ANYWHERE and this is supposedly state owned land.. Were we in the wrong for checking out this trail ?? i could care less cause nothing came of it but i mean here i am trying to be nice to the guy and friendly and he just starts Going off on me for "tresspassing" on "his" property, it just peeves me off the disrespect wheelers get for this kinda of a thing, A simple hey man thats private property u need to leave, would've worked fine !

I feel it nessacary to give detailed directions to everyone on this board and have them go out there and wheel it up but that would be childish and un-called for..
I am always very respectful about private property but this WAS NOT even posted anywhere ! oh well no harm no foul.. END RANT !
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