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Here's a candian, from my comanche club site, and what he has to say about the subject....

Originally Posted by Kenosha Warrior
3 days ago 3 people died while waiting to see the ER docs at a Toronto Hospital.

You think its bad in the US, its bad all over.

For me to get in and have my hand checked out when I slopped an axle on it, 7 hours.

For my girlfriend to get checked out after being kicked in the ribs. 9 hours.

Yeah we may not pay for our healthcare up front, but our taxes pay for every welfare s*tknocker that wants to slum it up in Ontario Subsidised Housing, deal dope and generally bring down the worth and beauty of our tiny little town of less than 50,000.

Im 18, working for $10 as customer care for T-Mobile, Im saving for Broadcast Engineering at Loyalist College, which resides in my town, allowing me to live at home while I attend. I work downtown, near the Social Assistance offce. I see fatass women that make my jeep look like Marlyn Monroe, dragging 3, 4, sometimes 5 screaming kids dressed in the latest from St VincentD'Paul (a charity style clothig shop)

These people live off the system for EVERYTHING. Hell, I watched someone load a 42" plasma TV onto a CITY BUS. I knew the family and know that the dad is pulling a scheme to stay on the dole because he doesn't want to flip-burgers at McDonald's for min-wage because he felt the need to drop-out of highschool and knock up 3 chicks 'cause it made him feel big.

Im sick of people who live off the system I contribute to. F*ck Ive been paying taxes since I was 12 delivering newspapers. Time for some shotgun reform. Im GLAD Ontario mandates that you must finish your highschool education before you can renew your drivers lic. I graduated in 4 years, when I entered Gr 12 I was short a credit to graduate, I pulled my weight around and got my stuff. I ended up with 72% overall average.

now Im all mad. :hateputers:
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