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I can look out my window and see my neighbor's Ron Paul sign in his yard. I did not ask him why he liked him when I was helping my neighbor get his truck out of a snow pile. The wa issue is about the only thing I heard Ron Paul's stance on.

If we pulled out all of our troops from the Middle East it would just make their goal easier. Do not forget, we are the "infidels" and they want us gone from the Earth, not just their country. I really doubt if we had never even went there it would change what they want to do to us. The Western culture is having too great of an influence and could be a bigger problem in the future.

Yes, OBL got pissed we were marching on his "holy land". Plus we are buddies with Israel, whom everyone in the Middle East pretty much hates.

To be honest, the only way that the problems there would be solved is to pull out all turn that desert into one big sheet of glass (sand + N-bombs = glass). Only problem is Israel is too close. That would not be the most diplomatic way to solve things over there either. Plus it would pretty much incinerate the biggest source of crude oil left.

I recently read a book called "Shooter". It was by a former top sniper from the Marines. Quite an interesting read. The part that really got me was near the end. Remember the "human shield" that flew over there from the US when the war first started? The Marines had to protect them from the now-liberated Iraqi people because the Iraqis thought the "human shields" were going to stop the troops from finishing their job. The "human shields" had no idea that the Marines saved their lives.
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