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Originally Posted by PavementPounder View Post
I would like to know who told you this happens or how an insurance company is authorized to go rummaging through any random person's medical records, or how an insurance company would even know where any one person's medical records are in the world. You're sounding rather paranoid, yet you are advocating giving big brother control of this process.

I don't follow the issue of healthcare as closely as a lot of people here do, but even I'm getting the impression that you have some odd ideas about how the world world works and don't really really know what you're talking about.

Especially after the Reagan comment...

I'm not saying I know what I'm talking about just very curious of this system, considering the things I hear of the insurance companies and even with the girls inurance rates out the window costs yet seems to pay a shit load in stuff they won't cover, especically when she pays 350 a month for insurance you think It would cover more than it hasn't.

So I'm just trying to talk to other people about this, you know research, to see what real people have to say that live here and have health care or don't, something local for me, to see the sides of just not Micheal Moore. I don't know a whole lot about this but trying to learn.

We the people are the gov. but the people seem scared to vote for something as if the gov. is above us.
If you come up with a cure for aids you can't sell it for profit, so why is health care and medicaine able to go out for profit?

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