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Originally Posted by MiNi Beast View Post
yeah this was on the movie as well. Hes a tool.

Now somebody understands the logic in all this.

Yeah true that but when I file a claim they'll search the medical record of family and find this and disqualify me for lying on application, which they deny people everyday for. So no need to give them a reason right away.
And it's not like I can't get health care, but I have to pay out the ass for it, for I'm a carpenter and can't get it through work, unless some how I can get into the carpenters union, and I go to school. And I can't justify paying for health care now when it's hard enough paying for the kids and living period.

I'm not saying that this Universal Idea is the best thing but it makes you wonder how we can have a better system or perhaps something different. Merely stating it's hard for the younger generation when it comes to health care and if things are to continue the way they are now with everything else we going to be stuck in some shit. Considering as well as about to have a new president, maybe female, then what will happen then?

I'm pretty sure insurance companies can't just look up medical records of your family. We can't even give information beyond "He's doing ok/He's not doing too well" out to family members over the phone. Look up HIPAA laws. Even if you authorize an insurance company to access your records, you can NOT give them authority to access your family member's records. I work in a hospital and anybody who wants care comes through the ER and gets it. We have several people who are uninsured and frequently return to the hospital because they come in, get treated, then go home and don't change anything about their lives. They get better in the hospital, then go home, don't watch what they eat/drink, don't exercise, don't take care of themselves or even try. I, for one, do NOT want to be forced to pay for the people like that. I eat well, go to the gym 4 times a week and generally take care of myself. I also hold a job and have my own insurance. How is it fair for people like me to be forced to pay for people who don't try to get jobs or insurance? Somebody mentioned Social Security... how about the fact that a person can move into this country at 65 and collect Social Security even though they never contributed to the system? The government would run national health care the same way they run SS, welfare and every similar system... poorly. A better system would be the "Don't eat so damned much fast/fried food, get off your lazy ass and exercise and stop being a drain on society" system.

Edit: Oh I forgot... I hope you're not saying that Reagan was a tool... Michael Moore is the real tool.

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