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Originally Posted by Grand Master View Post

And to say that our presence in Iraq is causing more people to become terrorists is almost funny. Next your going to tell me that if we pulled every last troop out of the middle east, the terrorists would all put down there guns and get real jobs right?
Think about it from their perspective though....honestly, if say for example china invaded here, do you not think the people of this nation wouldn't become "terrorists" against that nation??

I know there are people who want us there, and that's fine - but they're not footing the bill for it, and it's for an effort that isn't working.

I think we should set up a time-line for removal of all of our troops. If shit happens as they leave, so be it - it's up to the people now.....and even though Paul states "immediate evacuation," it needs to be immediate because it'll take 3 years for it to be done and over's not like we can pack up and leave in one month
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