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Originally Posted by clarkstoncracker View Post

Its funny you ask that, I made this same post in the pinewood derby thread. In my 8th grade shop class, the top 5 cars went to "state" for the competition. My car was one of the 5. For some reason our cars were judged on speed and the blueprint of it. I sucked at drafting, so I half assed my blueprint. Somehow my blueprint was good enough to allow me to run in the state competition. I was not there, but our shop teacher represented everybody. My car won, 100&#37;, it was the fastes car there. The org that was putting it on decided to look into how my car was physically staying together because its body was so small, that it should have broke on the crash mat.

Well, they took a pocket knife to the body until they hit the steel rod. One of the last memories I have of my uncle (who died at 27) was him helping me drill and installing that steel rod.

My car was the smallest possible in all dimensions, and the neck at the smallest point is about the size of a 3/16 dowel rod. It didn't break because I picked a block that had a grain pattern that was exactly what I wanted, then I cut my neck at the same angle as the grain.

No metal rod needed

What year was that? Your probably the asshole that beat me at state that year.

Zoom Zoom!

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