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Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
Why are you watching a propaganda piece about health care in English class in the first place? I could understand possibly during a government, politics, debate, or science course....

Is your (obviously) very liberal teacher introducing any of the potential downfalls of this type of system, or only pimping their side?

I consider it a shame that since so many of our educators lean more towards the liberal side of the fence, they tend to use it as an opportunity to have a captive audience to mold to their will. I don't support brainwashing kids to the conservative side of things either, the education system should be as unbiased as possible. Children should be raised to have their own opinions, rather than be indoctrinated with whatever their teacher believes.

Yeah agree there, he apparently is teaching us how to write a argumentive paper???. So yeah but find it interesting with the Presidental election coming up and talking of health care reform.

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