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Originally Posted by 87'YJ View Post
That stat is horribly misleading. Canadians as well as many european contries have different health habits than fat lazy Americans. That is the REAL reason behind their more healthy societies. Almost no fast food, eating smaller amounts, more exercise, less stress.

And just an FYI, most europeans and canadians still have PRIVATE healthcare insurance policies. The state run system is so horrible that many private companies are selling just as many policies there as they are here... only because their system sucks.

X2....ask any canuk about they're "government provided health care" and they'll tell you it sucks....

Do I agree that the cost of healthcare should be addressed? Yes. But as stated above, I don't think healthcare is the only thing that needs to be addressed - the way we live taxes us and makes us unhealthier than other nations. This country is very unhealthy and is addicted to medications for everything (which often times the person doesn't need). It's out of hand, and for that the government needs to get involved....

Originally Posted by 87'YJ View Post
F no its not your right. Save your money to pay for more expensive premiums. I don't remember reading in the constitution that you have a RIGHT to free healthcare.

The reason no company will insure you is becasue they will likely lose money on you down the road. Its a business. You don't make money on losing bets.

If the govt takes over, MY taxes will pay for your bad genes. As harsh as that sounds, its the truth. I don't want to have to pay for other people's healthcare. I want to work hard, save my money and take care of myself and my family if we get sick.
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