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Originally Posted by yellowjeeperman View Post
I'm pretty sure the "canuks" are ranked higher globably than we are when it comes to medicine and healthcare.

EDIT: Yep.
That stat is horribly misleading. Canadians as well as many european contries have different health habits than fat lazy Americans. That is the REAL reason behind their more healthy societies. Almost no fast food, eating smaller amounts, more exercise, less stress.

When you look at disease and chronic disabilities though, America's health system is light years ahead of europe and Canada's. That is because you have to PAY for higher quality. Why do you think that all of the extremely rich oil princes and kings from dubai and the middle east bring their children to The Cleveland Clinic and other American hospitals for treatment?

And just an FYI, most europeans and canadians still have PRIVATE healthcare insurance policies. The state run system is so horrible that many private companies are selling just as many policies there as they are here... only because their system sucks.
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